Kratom Legality 2019: Map, Legal Status, and Ban Updates

Kratom Legality Art

People new to kratom often wonder about kratom legality and whether they can buy kratom in their state.

In most cases, the answer is yes, kratom is legal, and there are also no laws or pending legislation to prohibit sales or possession of it.

However, there are some people who happen to live in one of the few areas where kratom is illegal. Our hearts go out to them because we’d love to help them out, but it’s against the law.

So, where do you stand? Is kratom legal where you live? Let’s find out.

Kratom Legality Map

Below you will see an interactive kratom legality map of the United States. It shows the current legality of kratom along with the latest ban updates. You can also view kratom legality breakdown by state in the next section.

All states have color codes based on their current kratom legality status. You can also mouse over each state and click on them for more details.

  • Green: Kratom is legal to buy and have in your state. In many cases, you must be an adult over 18.
  • Red: Kratom is illegal in your state. Contact your lawmakers and let them know where you stand.
  • Red Dot: Kratom is banned in your city or county. Contact your city council and voice your opinion.
  • Purple: There is pending legislation on kratom. Action is necessary to prevent any scheduling or a ban.

*If using a mobile device, press and hold the state for a brief description, or click for full details.

When you mouse over the blue states, you will notice that several of them proposed bills to ban kratom, but have eventually failed.

It’s largely due to the efforts of advocacy groups such as the American Kratom Association, Botanical Education Alliance, as well as others. They were able to hire lobbyists to educate politicians and lawmakers about kratom and ultimately change their minds.

Of course, none of that would have been possible without the support of the kratom community. Vendors, along with thousands of consumers, have donated millions of dollars to fund the fight for kratom legality.

Not to mention the countless petitions hundreds of thousands of people signed to prevent kratom from becoming a controlled substance. Everyone has played a crucial role in keeping kratom legal.

Is Kratom Legal in My State?

Below you will find the breakdown of all 50 states along with the legal status of kratom there:

  • Alabama – kratom is banned,
  • Alaska – kratom is legal,
  • Arizona – kratom is legal, there was a bill that proposed a kratom ban in 2014, but it was left out of the bill; Arizona passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in late April 2019,
  • Arkansas – kratom is banned,
  • California – kratom is currently legal except for the city of San Diego,
  • Colorado – kratom is legal. The City of Denver prohibits the sale of kratom for human consumption, though it is legal to sell it as long as it is not for human consumption,
  • Connecticut – kratom is legal,
  • Delaware – kratom is legal,
  • Florida – kratom is banned in the Sarasota County, but it’s legal everywhere else in Florida,
  • Georgia – kratom is legal. There was a bill to ban it; however, it did not pass; Georgia was the third state to pass the Kratom Consumer Protection Act,
  • Hawaii – kratom is legal,
  • Idaho – kratom is legal,
  • Illinois – kratom is legal for those over the age of 18 except for the Jerseyville City. There is pending legislation to qualify possession of kratom a misdemeanor, though there is no set hearing date,
  • Indiana – kratom is banned,
  • Iowa – kratom is legal. A bill to ban it did not pass,
  • Kansas – kratom is legal. A bill to criminalize it was removed,
  • Kentucky – a bill to make kratom a controlled substance did not pass. As a result, kratom remains legal,
  • Louisiana –  kratom is legal. However, a bill to ban kratom if the DEA schedules it has passed,
  • Maine – a bill to ban kratom did not pass; so, it remains legal; currently, Maine is considering the Kratom Consumer Protection Act,
  • Maryland – kratom is legal,
  • Massachusetts – kratom is legal
  • Michigan – kratom is legal, there is pending legislation to make kratom a Schedule II drug,
  • Minnesota – kratom is legal,
  • Mississippi – kratom is illegal in a number of counties and cities in Mississippi and a few more counties and cities are currently debating whether to ban kratom or not, yet remains legal elsewhere in the state,
  • Missouri – kratom is legal, currently, Missouri is considering the Kratom Consumer Protection Act and a few counties are debating a potential kratom ban,
  • Montana – kratom is legal,
  • Nebraska – kratom is legal,
  • Nevada – kratom is legal and regulated according to the KCPA,
  • New Hampshire – a bill to criminalize kratom did not pass. Instead, legislators amended it to allow kratom for those over 18,
  • New Jersey – kratom is legal at the moment. Nonetheless, there was pending legislation to ban it, but the bill died in committee.
  • New Mexico – kratom is legal,
  • New York – although multiple intents to ban kratom have been made, it is still legal. Yet, there is pending legislation to ban it,
  • North Carolina – even though a bill to ban kratom was introduced, it remains legal for those older than 18,
  • North Dakota – kratom is legal,
  • Ohio – kratom is legal, the state is considering regulating kratom,
  • Oklahoma – kratom is legal, a bill to ban kratom did not pass,
  • Oregon – kratom is legal, yet the authorities have decided not to regulate kratom yet,
  • Pennsylvania – kratom is legal,
  • Rhode Island – kratom is banned; however, there is pending legislation that may reverse the kratom ban and make it legal and regulated from September 1, 2019,
  • South Carolina – kratom is legal,
  • South Dakota – kratom is legal,
  • Tennessee – kratom in plain leaf form is legal for those over 21,
  • Texas – kratom is legal,
  • Utah – kratom is legal. Although there was a bill to make kratom a controlled substance, it did not pass. On March 26th, 2019, Utah passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act making it the first state which regulates kratom. Under this bill, vendors need to comply with regulations such as testing kratom before selling it thus making Utah the safest state for buyers.
  • Vermont – kratom is banned,
  • Virginia – kratom is legal,
  • Washington – kratom is legal,
  • West Virginia – kratom is legal,
  • Wisconsin – kratom is banned,
  • Wyoming – kratom is legal.

In addition to the 50 states, kratom is also legal in the U.S. capital Washington D.C. The authorities first banned kratom in 2016, but amended the controlled substance act and removed it in 2019.

The Legal Climate of Kratom

As of 2019, there is no pending legislation that specifically targets it on the federal level. However, that doesn’t mean kratom is immune to a nationwide ban in the future.

Back in 2016, the DEA announced its intent to make kratom a Schedule I substance. This would have prohibited it across the entire US.

However, the intent met a major backlash from the kratom community. They organized a White House petition with over 145,000 signatures and submitted over 6,000 letters to the DEA.

More than 60 members of Congress took notice and wrote to the DEA to postpone the ban and allow for a comment period.

During this period, 23,232 comments were received. 99% of them were in favor of kratom. So, the DEA had to reverse their emergency scheduling on kratom.

It was a  remarkable feat and the first time in history when an advocacy group was able to overturn a DEA emergency scheduling.

This legal fight for kratom is far from over, however. The DEA has put this into the hands of the FDA, and now it’s up to them to decide what to do next.

We all know that the FDA has a bias against supplements and natural herbs such as kratom. They recently conducted a study using their own computer programmed algorithms to get results that fit their claims of kratom being a dangerous opioid drug that should be banned.

It’s fair to say the tables are tilted. Nonetheless, we are at odds with powerful government agencies who are looking out for special interests. But, we’ve made it this far in the fight to keep kratom legal.

What Buyers Can Do to Ensure that Kratom Stays Legal

As a kratom buyer, you can make a conscious choice. You can either support a movement to keep kratom legal or contribute to its ban.

Thus, it’s important for any buyer to carefully choose whom they are handing their money to in exchange for a product. Is it a vendor who deeply cares about the reputation and future of kratom? Or, is it one that puts their own profits first?

Here are a few things that you can do to make sure that you supporting the right cause:

  • check the values and motivation of the vendor,
  • make sure they lab test their kratom and only offer the highest quality product for sale,
  • see if they have had involvement in any scandals and, if so, how they handled it,
  • pay attention to how they advertise their product and whether they follow the rules and regulations,
  • refuse to buy from vendors who falsely advertise kratom,
  • look into what they are doing to keep kratom legal.

We urge you to make careful and wise buying decisions. With persistence and the power of truth, it is within our power to win this battle. Nevertheless, we need your help as well to make sure it happens.

6 thoughts on “Kratom Legality 2019: Map, Legal Status, and Ban Updates

  1. Amy says:

    So, does this mean it’s no longer “illegal for consumption” in Denver, CO? Or is that info just too ”grey” for the way you have chosen to present the info? It just concerns me that someone may be misinformed as a result. Thanks.

    • Kraoma says:

      Hello Amy,
      Thank you for pointing that out. No, unfortunately, the rule that you mention still applies. We’ve made the edits needed.

  2. Amy says:

    I live in California and I am traveling to Bali at the end of the month. I want to know if I can bring Kratom with me legally. Do you know? I’m finding conflicting information on the internet and would really appreciate anything you might know about traveling abroad with Kratom. Thank you!

    • Kraoma says:

      Hello Amy, unfortunately, due to the latest developments in terms of kratom legality in Indonesia, thus subject is unclear. Indonesian customs law requires declaring plant products, and the country has a strict drug policy. Generally, kratom should be illegal in Indonesia because of a law that covers all ASEAN nations. Nonetheless, it’s always been somewhat of a grey area. Up until now, we’ve not heard of any issues traveling with kratom to Indonesia. However, we won’t be able to advise you about the latest developments after the government has declared its intention to ban kratom exports. It still remains unclear. We would, however, advise against purchasing kratom directly there. While it may seem like an excellent deal, you need to know whether the vendor is trustworthy and legitimate. There are many more potential risks involved when purchasing kratom from locals.

  3. Jackie says:

    I’m all for keeping kratom legal and even more so for keeping it safe but how can the average buyer know if they are getting high quality, clean product?

    • Kraoma says:

      Hello Jackie,
      We absolutely understand your point. It’s hard for an average user to tell that because certain things can’t be known without seeing lab test results; that is why we support regulating kratom. One of the things that you can pay attention to is consistency. Does it seem like you require a different dose with each order? This may b an indicator of low quality. Another thing to watch out is cheap prices. We generally do not recommend choosing the cheapest kratom. There is a lot involved in the business and cheap prices are simply not realistic. We’re also always wary of recalls. If all batches would have been properly tested before, the risk of contaminated or adulterated kratom reaching the market greatly diminishes.

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