Kratom Testing Lab Results


Kratom Testing Lab ResultsAt Kraoma, kratom testing is something we routinely do on every batch. Especially because we import our kratom directly from independent farmers and harvesters.

We’ve experienced lots of dishonesty while building our company. We’ve also experienced dishonesty throughout the industry itself, in general.

After the kratom salmonella outbreak in early 2018, we find honesty and transparency particularly important. We want to ensure that you have no doubts about the quality of our products.

We do not sell any kratom that’s contaminated or otherwise unsafe.

We use 3rd-party independent laboratories in the United States. These laboratories conform to ISO 9001 and cGMP or GLP standards.

Below, you will find lab results of our most recent kratom batch. The results will be regularly updated as we receive and test new shipments.

For short reference, the results state the following:

  • Our kratom is salmonella free.
  • There is no E.Coli present.
  • There are no other viruses or bacteria of concern.
  • Yeast and mold levels are low to normal.
  • TPC and coliforms levels are normal. (Anything below 107 cfu/g is normal/standard among related botanical products.)

Thus, our kratom is clean and pure. We discard anything that we even suspect is contaminated or unsafe. You can view full test results in the scans below. 

Click the links below to view our most recent results.

Lab Results