Our Mission

We envision a future where the mainstream accepts kratom.

There are multiple benefits of kratom and many satisfied users. And even more people could gain from it if it was more widely accepted.

Much of it depends on the integrity, morals, and values of the vendors within the kratom industry.

Sadly though, we notice much negligence and unprofessionalism. Many prioritize their own profits over the image of kratom, and the well being of their buyers.

As a result, incidents such as the Salmonella outbreak in April 2018, happen.

Choosing to sell poor quality kratom from a middleman is easy. Lowering standards is easy. Selling contaminated kratom and blaming it on the supplier is easy, too.

However, that’s not what we’re about. And it’s not what we want the kratom industry to be like. Such practices give kratom a bad reputation.

We aim to create a higher industry standard. One that develops exceptional buyer experience and positively represents kratom.

That’s why we stick to our morals and values despite all odds. We source high-quality kratom directly from professional farmers and harvesters. Then, we test each batch and discard everything that’s unsatisfactory.

We focus on delivering our products and answering queries in the fastest way possible.

We believe that if we keep doing our part right, others will eventually do so, as well.

For now, we’ll let the quality of our products and services speak for itself.