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Take 20% Off Your First Order 👉 GET DISCOUNT
New spring kratom batch arriving early April! Be the first to know by subscribing to our weekly newsletter! 👉 SUBSCRIBE

Mix and Match

Kratom is available in multiple varieties, all with different potency levels and aromas. When it comes to choosing the perfect product, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. At Kraoma, we bring you a wide selection of kratom variety packs that allow you to mix and match at discount prices. Our mix and match bundles are perfect for anyone searching for great savings and bulk kratom deals or those who want to branch out and try different strains.

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Carefully Curated Kratom Deals

Looking to save big when you buy kratom online? Look no further than our mix and match bundles. Carefully curated for the ultimate savings, these packages offer unbeatable value and quality. Our kratom deals will save you between 9-21% off the price of kratom sold separately. Go ahead and find your favorite premium kratom strains to create the perfect mix. We offer different kratom variety packs in:

  • Two 60 g pouches (120 g bundle)
  • Two 250 g pouches (500 g bundle)
  • Four 250 g pouches (split kilo)

When you shop at Kraoma, you can be sure that you’re getting kratom that is ethically sourced, sustainably harvested, and third-party lab tested to ensure you receive kratom that is high-quality, fresh, pure, and safe. We take pride in our premium kratom, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our kratom products.

Experience the Kraoma Difference

Why pay more for kratom when you can get the same great products at a fraction of the price with our kratom deals? With Kraoma, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Searching for something specific? Check out our individual kratom products for even more savings. Remember — Kraoma always offers free same-day shipping, a free sample with every order, and a fantastic loyalty rewards program. Try our kratom variety packs today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use kratom?

The most popular way to use kratom is to add the powder to a drink. Most people use kratom to brew a uniquely flavored tea, though some prefer to mix kratom powder with their favorite beverages, like water, milk, juice, or pre-made tea varieties.

What are the various kratom strains?

When browsing our kratom deals, you will notice various strains with unique colors. These various kratom strains include red, white, and green which tell you when the kratom leaves were harvested. The younger leaves have white veins, and as they mature the veins turn green before turning red at the peak of their life. Each vein color offers a different profile of alkaloids and effects.

What is the standard kratom dosage?

Most users report the standard kratom dosage is approximately 2.5 grams which is about one teaspoon of kratom powder mixed into a drink of your choice. However, every person has different experiences with kratom so it’s best to start slow and adjust as you need.

500g Mix & Match (Top Shelf)
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