Tips to Avoid Kratom Sample Scams

Kratom Sample Scams

There are numerous benefits of trying kratom samples. You can discover new types of kratom or learn how good the services of a vendor are. However, in an industry with many bad players and a lack of proper regulations, you need to be careful not to fall victim to kratom sample scams.

How to Avoid Kratom Sample Scams

1. Make Sure You Pay Something

This may seem counter-intuitive. Nonetheless, you should still pay something even if you order free kratom samples to avoid scams. Let us explain.

Quality kratom that is also consistent rather than hit or miss is a relatively expensive product. Not only because of the pure cost of kratom, but also other factors that come into play, such as testing and discarding low-quality or contaminated kratom.

Therefore, free samples and the cost it takes to ship them to you is another business expense for the vendor. Because of that, kratom vendors usually ask you to cover the shipping costs or pay a small price for sample beginner kits. As a result, they are also not taken advantage of.

If you come across completely free samples, you may be falling in the trap of a subscription service. Especially, if you are asked to disclose your financial information without paying for anything.

While a subscription service for kratom in itself may be a good idea, you want to make sure that you are paying for quality kratom. If the service involves a scamming technique to lure you in, then it’s extremely likely that the kratom you’ll be getting (if you’re even getting any) isn’t worth it.

2. Get Samples from a US-Based Vendor’s Website

As the popularity of kratom has grown immensely, so has the number of those willing to sell it. As a result, there are many US-based kratom vendors as well as merchants from Indonesia, the main kratom supplier to the west. These vendors are frequently attracted by the high demand for kratom and the prices that US-based customers are willing to pay.

Yet, with that comes a huge risk or scams and contaminated kratom. Once US-based vendors import kratom from Indonesia, they send samples of each batch to 3rd-party independent laboratories. Those then test kratom for any pathogens, contaminants, adulterants, potency, and more.

However, if you choose to buy kratom directly from Indonesia, none of the testing may be in place. Hygiene standards typical of the US, are not something you is common in Indonesia.

Keep in mind that you should select a US-based vendor carefully too. Not every one of them is legitimate and not each of them lab tests their products and discards any bad product.

So, if you are offered kratom samples via Facebook or other social media platforms, it’s best that you do not accept the offer. If you are a part of any kratom groups on Facebook, it’s also best to make your friend list private.

Farmers and merchants from Indonesia are not shy to invade your or your Facebook friends’ privacy and repeatedly message with questionable kratom offers.

3. Make Sure the Vendor Lab-Tests Tests Kratom and Gets Rid of Bad Products

Even if you get samples, you can expose yourself to risks if those samples are contaminated, adulterated or otherwise impure. Therefore, make sure to run a background check on the vendor.

Take a look at their policy and contact pages. Those should be easily located from the homepage. Otherwise, the vendor has something to hide.

Look for policies on lab-testing and lab-testing results. Those, too, should be available. Double check if the lab mentioned is legitimate and if they test kratom. Fake results can sometimes also be displayed. Some examples of legitimate labs that test kratom products are Micro Quality Labs and Wonderland Labs.

Finally, kratom vendors should be getting rid of any kratom that does not pass these tests. If you find any history of the vendor having sold contaminated kratom, kratom with heavy metals present, kratom laced with other substances, or any other issues, this would mean that they may sell some or all of the product that isn’t fit for sale.

4. Inspect Your Samples

If you have ordered and received your kratom samples, do inspect them. Take a look at the kratom and smell it. It should have a strong, earthy or grassy aroma, but it should never smell damp or moldy or have any mold or other particles present.

If you notice any of that or have doubts about the quality of the kratom you have received, discard that immediately. Better safe than sorry.

Get Your Kratom Samples Free of Charge and Scams

If you are willing to try kratom samples, check out the selection that Kraoma has. We offer free kratom samples with a small shipping fee but none of the scams that you may encounter elsewhere.

All our kratom is lab-tested, free of adulterants, contaminants, or other pathogens. Choose any two samples that you wish and expand your kratom experience. If you have already purchased from us before, you can also add a kratom sample with any of your orders at no extra charge.

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