How to Store Kratom to Keep It Fresh Longer

How to Store Kratom Tips

Buying a larger amount of kratom, such as a kilo of your favorite strain or a split kilo of a few different strains, is always a better deal financially. It can also make sure that your order lasts longer and you don’t have to place a new order for quite a while.

However, a few days or weeks later, you may notice that your kratom doesn’t smell as fresh or fragrant as it did when you just opened it.

This may occur if you don’t store kratom properly. Kratom is a raw herbal product. So, it’s natural for it to degrade over time. As a result, the properties of kratom can become weaker.

So, if you would like to keep your kratom fresh and potent for as long as possible, it’s important to store it effectively. Luckily, it’s rather easy to do.

How Long Can Kratom Last?

Kratom is the freshest during the first three months after it’s been ground into powder. Therefore, it’s important to order it from a vendor who imports kratom directly from the source. This way, the powder that you receive does not spend additional time in warehouses or transit, which would result in it arriving at your home weaker than it could be.

Keep in mind that vendors who purchase their kratom from a distributor, such as local vendors, gas stations, tobacco shops, and similar, also need to cover the middleman costs. So, you’re likely going to pay more for weaker kratom.

This is why online kratom vendors are usually a much better choice as their kratom comes at prices that do not include overhead or middleman costs and is usually much fresher. For instance, at Kraoma, we ship directly from Indonesian kratom farmers, and our kratom arrives at buyers’ homes when it’s about one to three months old.

However, that doesn’t meet that kratom is no longer fresh after that. If you store kratom properly, you can retain its freshness for six to twelve months.

And even beyond that, kratom can still be good. After a year, you can preserve most of the kratom’s potency. However, it’ll start becoming dryer and will gradually begin to lose its beneficial properties.

Tips to Store Kratom

1. Store Kratom in Airtight Containers

Air and moisture are two of the main factors that lead to the deterioration of kratom. A single drop of water can lead to your kratom developing mold. Oxygen, however, can significantly reduce the lifespan of kratom.

Therefore, you should choose sealed containers that can keep kratom in an airtight environment. You can select airtight glass jars, sealed containers, zip -lock bags, or Tupperware boxes. It’s best to use containers that are cot transparent. However, it’s also fine to use transparent containers and placing them in a dark place.

If you have purchased a few bags of kratom, there is no need to store them in a different container. Keep it in the original unopened packaging until the time you decide to open them.

2. Use Smaller Containers

If you have purchased a larger batch of kratom powder, store it in smaller airtight containers rather than one large one. That’s because each time you will open the larger container, all of your kratom will be exposed to air.

Placing it in smaller containers will ensure that kratom powder gets as little exposure to oxygen as possible. It will also make sure that your containers are full and there is only a little air in addition to kratom.

3. Use Light-Blocking Containers

Many natural botanical products can start losing their properties if they are continuously exposed to light. Therefore, if possible, invest in containers that block out the light.

If that’s not possible, make sure you store transparent kratom containers in a dark cupboard or pantry where it will only get minimal light.

4. Store Kratom in a Cool, Dry, and Dark Place

Carefully choose the place where you store your kratom containers. Keep them away from areas where the temperature may fluctuate, such as near the stove or a window that gets plenty of sunshine. Frequent changes in temperature can deteriorate kratom faster.

5. Keep Kratom Away from Strong Smells

While airtight containers will protect kratom from the outside world, it’s best to keep it away from strong smells or odors. Your kratom powder could absorb some of the unpleasant smell, spoiling its natural fresh and grassy aroma.

6. Date Your Kratom Bags and Containers

If you intend to store kratom for a longer time, it can be useful to know when you purchased and stored it, especially if you have discarded its original containers. Therefore, place labels with purchase dates on all your kratom bags and containers. This way, you can ensure that you know exactly when your kratom may start losing its freshness and potency.

How and where do you store your kratom powder? Have you ever experienced any storage problems? Let us know in the comments below.

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