General Kratom and Ordering FAQs


What is kratom?

Also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree that grows in Southeast Asia. It is most often sold in raw botanical form as a crushed leaf powder.

Is kratom legal?

Kratom is legal in most of the United States, except for:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Sarasota County in Florida
  • Jerseyville in Illinois
  • Alton in Illinois
  • Columbus City in Mississippi
  • Union County in Mississippi
  • Alcorn County in Mississippi
  • Lowndes County in Mississippi
  • Monroe County in Mississippi
  • Itawamba County in Mississippi
  • Tishomingo County in Mississippi
  • San Diego in California

You can view more detailed information on kratom legality in the US as well as a kratom legality map with the latest legality status and ban updates in this post on our blog.

Where is your kratom from?

97% of our kratom comes from various regions in Indonesia. We are occasionally able to get kratom from Malaysia as well.

How fresh is your kratom?

Our kratom batches are usually 2-3 weeks old by the time we receive it, so it is very fresh. We normally sell it off in 1-2 months, which means it is 1-3 months old by the time you get it.

How long does kratom last?

Kratom can last for a year or more if stored in an airtight container away from light, and in a cool dry place.

Do you test your kratom?

Yes, all our kratom strains are lab tested for heavy metals and contaminants. You can see our lab results here.

Is your kratom tested for salmonella?

Yes, we test all our kratom for salmonella, e.coli, coli-forms, and more.

You can view our lab results here.

I’ve never bought kratom. Where should I start?

You can start by getting two free samples. We only ask that you cover the cost of shipping, which is $6.49. You can sort the samples by popularity to see which strains are the most popular.

When you decide to make a purchase, you can keep trying other kinds of kratom. Regular customers can order one free sample with each order.

Can I order in bulk?

Yes, you can order kilos which are cheaper than individual pouches. You can also go for our discount bundles and save on bulk orders. For wholesale pricing of 10kg or more, please contact us.

Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes, we do. Our customers can collect points with each order which they can redeem for discounts for future purchases.



When will you process and ship my order?

Your order will process and ship the same day if paid:

  • by 4 PM Pacific Time from Monday to Friday, or
  • by 3 PM Pacific Time on Saturdays.

Sometimes, from Mondays to Fridays, we even ship on the same day orders that are placed and paid by as late as 7 PM PST.

Orders placed later than these times, or on Sundays, will ship the following business day.

If you choose to pay by eCheck, your first two eChecks must wait 3-5 business days to clear before shipping. After you process two eChecks without issue, your future eCheck orders will ship on the same day.

How long does shipping take?

Depending on the option you choose, shipping takes 1-5 business days on average.

What shipping options are available?

We have three shipping options.

  • First Class Mail (3-5 business days) – we ship all regular orders under $75 for FREE with First Class Mail.
  • Priority Mail (2-3 business days) – we ship all orders over $75 for FREE with Priority Mail. If your order is under $75, but you’d like to get it sooner, you can upgrade it to Priority Mail shipping option for $4.95.
  • Priority Mail Express (1-2 business days) – you can upgrade any order for $19.95. Order by 2 PM Pacific for the fastest delivery time.

* Keep in mind that shipping times are estimated averages and are not guaranteed. That’s because once we ship them, the orders are out of our control.

Will you ship to my location?

We will ship to any location where kratom is not restricted or prohibited. Please refer to this post for the legal and illegal locations.

Will you ship to locations outside the USA?

No, at this time, we are only able to ship within the United States.

Can I track my package?

Yes, you will receive an email with the tracking information when your order ships.

What should I do if my package is delayed/lost?

You must allow 7 business days from the day your package was shipped before we can file a claim to retrieve your package. Notify us if your order does not arrive and we’ll file a claim.

Can you ship to PO boxes?


Can I change my shipping address?

Yes, but only before we ship your order. Once your order has shipped, you will have to pay extra to have your package sent to another address.



What payment options are available?

We currently take Zelle, eCheck, Money Order, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Credit card payments are unfortunately restricted at this time.

What is Zelle?

Zelle is a payment service created by some of America’s largest banks. It allows you to directly transfer money to someone with your checking account or debit card. It is similar to PayPal, but Zelle is free to use, and they cannot freeze your funds.

How do I use Zelle?

If your bank supports Zelle, you may log into your account, or use your bank’s mobile app. Then, send your payment to the email address we provide you. If your bank does not support Zelle, you may download the Zelle app on your phone, and link your debit card to it.

Credit Cards and prepaid cards will not work.

Why can’t I use my credit card?

All major credit card companies have restricted payments for kratom sales. The only way to accept credit cards would be through unreliable foreign processors or expensive and illegal cover businesses.

However, we do not want to jeopardize your accounts and personal information.

Can I pay in cash when the package is delivered?

No, we do not offer COD at this time.

Can I pay by check?

Yes, you can use our eCheck option. It will debit out of your checking account. You’ll need to enter your routing number and checking account number.



Can I return the product that I received for an exchange or refund?

If you have at least 75% of the product in its original packing, you may send it back at your expense. You can exchange it for something else of equal value, or request a refund.

How long do I have to send the product back?

You have 30 days from the time you receive your product to send it back.

Haven’t found an answer to your question? Contact us!