The Ultimate Kratom Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Kratom

Guide on how to buy the best kratom

When it comes to buying kratom, shoppers face several challenges. Many don’t know what red flags they should avoid and how to buy the best kratom on the market.

From the lack of regulation across the country and continuous issues and product recalls to a rapidly growing number of vendors, different strains, and confusing product descriptions, there are many factors that make the process even more difficult.

With an insider point of view in the industry, we’ve put together a kratom buying guide where we share out top tips on how to buy the best kratom.

How to Buy the Best Kratom

1. Review the Legalities

The first step you should take when you buy kratom is to make sure that you are legally allowed to do so. While kratom is legal in most of the United States, there are sadly locations where it is illegal. This includes a handful of states as well as individual cities and counties.

You can check kratom legality here and review if the herb is legal where you live.

There is another thing that you should keep an eye out for. That’s the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). It’s legislation proposed by the American Kratom Association (AKA) that intends to regulate Mitragyna speciosa products.

Since the FDA does not regulate the herb but is more interested in banning it, the AKA lobbies this bill to individual states urging them to pass it in order to protect buyers from low-quality, adulterated, contaminated, or otherwise impure or inauthentic products. Currently, four states in the US have it in place – Utah, Nevada (where we are based), Arizona, and Georgia.

You may notice that many businesses place an AKA GMP approved badge on their site. This is a means of signaling that their products are clean. However, keep in mind that the GMP program has an excellent and noble intention, but it is a completely voluntary initiative that vendors buy into to be able to display the badge.

If they somehow break the regulations, they simply lose their status. Vendors who violate the KCPA face hefty fines or even incarceration.

2. Avoid Cheap Kratom

Price plays an important role when making buying decisions. With kratom, this is particularly true. While cheap kratom can definitely feel tempting, in most cases, it’s not a good idea to go for it. There are many potential risks involved.

Over the past decades, the popularity of Mitragyna speciosa has soared. Along with it has the number of vendors and suppliers.

In Indonesia, the country that exports around 95% of all kratom to the west, numerous farmers have abandoned their usual crops and switched to kratom because it’s considerably more profitable and more in demand.

While on the surface, that’s great, it’s also problematic because there are many inexperienced farmers in the kratom industry who are there, basically, for the quick buck. They lack the skills and knowledge that farmers who have been in the kratom industry for generations have.

Due to that, finding a Mitragyna speciosa supplier is easy. However, finding one that consistently supplies pure, high-quality product is not. As a result, it’s not uncommon to receive kratom that is contaminated or inconsistent in quality. One batch could be good while the other can be weak.

Kratom vendors need to take this into consideration when searching for a supplier. Those who offer the cheapest prices usually cannot afford to lose money if a batch is impure and needs to be discarded. They are also likely to go for the cheapest suppliers who provide low-quality products. This is how low-quality or contaminated products reach buyers.

Indonesia does not regulate kratom and hygiene standards are nowhere near those in the US. The USA does not regulate the herb either. So, unless that’s a state with an active KCPA, it’s up to the vendor to test products and discard impure batches. Sadly not everyone does it properly.

3. Avoid Very Expensive Kratom

Similarly, you shouldn’t be going for the most expensive product on the market either. The price is not a guarantee that you buy the best kratom. Other factors such as overhead and middle man costs can also spike up the cost.

In most cases, you wouldn’t be paying for quality, but simply overpaying.

Instead, choose prices that are neither too high nor too low. That would be your best bet to get kratom that is not only fresh but also potent and consistent. You may pay a little more upfront, but due to better quality, you won’t need to order another supply for a much longer time. So, you may actually end up spending less in the long run.

4. Buy Kratom Online

Buying kratom locally gets you your supply immediately. You will also likely have an easier time paying for it. Yet, you are more likely to buy the best kratom online.

That’s because you buy from kratom-specific vendors who know, love, and specialize in kratom. They have a greater chance of sourcing kratom directly from the source. This allows them to avoid additional storing, shipping, and middleman costs that raise kratom price.

Their product also tends to be fresher and more potent since it reaches buyers much faster without needing to spend additional time in warehouses and transit.

Online vendors also tend to offer different ways in which you can save on kratom. These are regular promotions, discount bundles, and loyalty and referral programs.

5. Buy from US-Based Companies

It’s not uncommon to get a message from Indonesian farmers offering their kratom. You may even have received those yourself. Yet, keep in mind that you would be buying from a farmer that you don’t know and whose reputation you cannot track.

Can you see their reviews? Can you talk to them easily without a language barrier? And can you trust that you will receive your order? Scams happen and you have no guarantee whatsoever of getting a return on a product that you may not be satisfied with or haven’t received at all.

Moreover, as we mentioned before, hygiene standards are not the same and there are no regulations on kratom in Indonesia.

While you can test lab test results on US vendor websites, you have absolutely no guarantee that your kratom has been tested if you buy from foreign vendors. Testing it yourself is expensive and probably would require more funds from you than simply purchasing from a trusted US vendor.

6. Make Sure the Company Is Easy to Contact

Contacting a vendor should be easy and straightforward either by chat, website, e-mail, or social media. You should also receive a respectful timely reply. This would indicate the quality of their customer service.

If, however, you cannot find a straightforward way of contacting the company or you do not receive a reply, this can be a red flag for low-quality services or a fake vendor.

7. Check the Company’s Values and Lab Testing Policies

With a controversial industry such as kratom, it’s important to know what a vendor stands for and what their story and values are.

Are they advertising properly without misrepresenting kratom? Do their support any kratom initiatives? How do they represent kratom on their website and social media?

Legitimate trusted vendors should be well-versed in the issues surrounding kratom. They would ensure that their actions do not compromise the image or legality of kratom.

Additionally, you should check their stance on kratom lab-testing. Do they do it? And if so, do they provide access to their lab-test results? Due to past issues in the industry, trusted vendors should emphasize transparency.

8. Go over Reviews

Take a look at what their customers have to say. Check the reviews and see if they are legitimate. Also, do not hesitate to do a quick unlike search to see if there is anything on forums or blogs that could provide you more information on the vendor.

Forums like Reddit and I Love Kratom are places where you may find negative reviews and buyer experiences that will not show on the vendor’s website.

9. Start with Reds or Greens If You Are New

If you are completely new to kratom, choosing the best type for you can be a challenge. Read up on the different vein types and their unique properties to discover what would suit your needs best.

Here are the four major types of kratom:

All vein types have something beneficial to offer. However, if you are completely new, we advise that you buy red or green strains first. Reds are best for the evening and night and greens for the morning and daytime. That’s because they are more moderate and slower than whites, and whites can be a bit too overwhelming to inexperienced buyers.

10. Try Kratom Samples First If You Are Unsure

If you have no idea where to start and whether the vendor is right for you, look into kratom samples or starter packs. These are small packages of kratom that you can order to try different strains and get an impression of the vendor’s services.

Samples are a very small commitment and investment that does not require you to buy a larger package that you may not like.

Final Words

Finding a vendor to buy the best kratom may not be easy. So, make sure to do thorough research and try kratom samples or starter packs first to check the quality of the product as well as services.

Most importantly, remember that you are making a statement when choosing to hand your money to a vendor. Therefore, always select one that follows transparent practices that do not hurt the reputation of kratom.

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