At Kraoma, many of the values that are important to us are rare in today’s society. We operate our company the way we’d like to be treated as if we were a buyer.

Provide Value

Providing true value to our buyers is essential to our business practices.

The kratom that we sell is clean, high-quality, and ethically grown. But it doesn’t cost a fortune. We also ensure fast and free shipping, fast turnaround and email response time. We want to make sure that you get your money’s worth if you choose to purchase through us.


Throughout our years in the business, we’ve noticed much dishonesty in the industry.

From distributors selling contaminated kratom, to vendors falsely claiming their products are safe. But that’s not what we’re about. We highly value honesty and transparency.

We don’t just say that our kratom is clean.

And, we test each shipment that we receive at independent 3rd-party laboratories. And we share the results on our website.


We have high moral standards and won’t compromise them to make a quick buck.

We are in this for the long term, not the short term. Thus, we don’t sell kratom that we wouldn’t buy ourselves. We test each batch that we receive and discard any kratom that is unsatisfactory.

Even if it means thousands of dollars in financial loss for us. We’ll sacrifice our own profits before acting against our morals.


Considering the nature of kratom, it may one day be banned.

We know that the way we operate our kratom store can affect that, too. Thus, we run it as ethically as possible and make sure to represent kratom correctly.

Genuine Interactions

Each buyer is uniquely important to us. So, we bring a level of service that caters to each and every individual.

We don’t give canned or rehearsed responses, but actually speak to each person. Everyone who buys from us is treated as if they were our friend. We don’t like to refer to them as customers.

We also fulfill special requests as per the individual’s needs.

Would You Like to Try our Kratom?

If you are on board with our mission and values, try our free kratom samples or buy kratom online right away!