Green Vein Kratom

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Green kratom is a strain that offers an energizing aroma with a pleasantly mild boost. It’s considered the mildest of the kratom strains and is excellent on its own and even better when mixed with red and white kratom for a more robust experience. Green vein is the most preferred strain among new kratom users due to its relatively mild effects. It’s a good entry point before trying more intense strains like red vein kratom. If you’re looking for a stimulating and relieving aroma to help with mental clarity and focus throughout the day, get started with our premium-quality green kratom powder at Kraoma.

All-Natural, Freshly Packaged Green Kratom

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Our green horn kratom gives you a boost of energy to help you accomplish your tasks for the day. 

Green maeng da kratom has balanced properties and will help you be productive throughout the day. 

Our green Bali kratom will help ease your discomfort after a long day at work.

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>Our kratom is made from 100% organic Mitragyna speciosa without the stem and veins included.

We sell kratom that’s pure - free of any dust, extenders, or other artificial substances.

When it comes to freshness, Kraoma is the best supplier of ethically sourced and sustainably harvested kratom. 

Our kratom is third-party lab-tested in FDA-approved labs and packaged and sealed in a clean environment to ensure zero exposure to outside contaminants or any impurities that could compromise your experience. 

We guarantee the freshness of our green vein kratom for at least one year, so you can rest assured you will receive potent products every time you order from us.