10 Things to Consider When You Buy Kratom Online

Buy Kratom Online

It may be not as easy to buy kratom online as it may appear at first. Due to its growing popularity, new vendors are regularly popping up. Not all of them are bad and not all of them are fake. Yet, you should be careful when selecting a kratom vendor.

This Southeast Asian plant isn’t regulated on a national level. As a result, there are certain risks involved if you are not careful when you are looking to purchase kratom.

We’ve previously discussed our stance on local vendors. While it is convenient to buy kratom locally, that does not necessarily guarantee that you will get a quality product.

Frequently, local vendors import the cheapest product and add a markup to cover overhead costs. So, you may end up paying a lot more than you should.

Purchasing online is convenient, and you can frequently come across different deals and offers. Nonetheless, choosing a reliable vendor is still incredibly important.

Tips and Things to Know When You Buy Kratom Online

1. Kratom Isn’t Legal Everywhere

A number of states have passed or are considering the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Yet kratom legality in the United States still remains an issue. Make sure to verify that kratom is legal where you live. If it is, you should be good to go.

If it’s not, it’s best not to proceed with your purchase. Kratom vendors will simply not ship to locations where the product is illegal whereas bringing it from other states can make you liable to fines or even incarceration.

2. Different Veins and Strains Have Different Properties

Kratom comes in three different vein colors: red vein kratom, green vein kratom, and white vein kratom. These three colors are natural and refer to the colors of veins and stems that the leaves used to have before they were ground up into a powder.

Each type has been exposed to different nutrients, varying levels of sunlight and humidity. As a result, each has a different alkaloid profile.

In addition to that, there is also yellow kratom. It’s normally a blend of the vein types above that underwent a different processing method. In our case – a modified drying procedure as well as fermentation. This yields a unique alkaloid content and properties.

The vein types break down into strains. With a few exceptions, these refer to the geographic location where kratom comes from.

Not all regions offer the most optimal circumstances for kratom trees to thrive, so you may observe that kratom from certain locations tends to be more potent.

3. Cheaper Isn’t Better

When it comes to kratom, this is particularly true. Cheap kratom is frequently low potency as well as inconsistent. So, you may get excellent quality once because you’ve happened to buy powder from leaves that have been harvested during a more optimal time of the year, and then get much lower potency the following few times you buy kratom online.

Because of that, you may need a much larger amount for the same properties. Consequently, you may end up spending a lot more on cheap kratom than you would have if you had purchased a more expensive and higher quality product.

That being said, …

4. The Most Expensive Kratom May Not Always Be the Best

Going for the most expensive kratom isn’t always the best choice either. While you do indeed have higher chances of getting a high-quality product if you buy kratom online from an expensive vendor, you may be paying more than you should.

Frequently, it happens if the vendor imports from a distributor rather than the source. Covering the costs of a middleman adds to the final price. Moreover, their powder spends more time in transit and warehouses. So, it’ll be less fresh when it reaches you.

To avoid that, look for vendors that import directly from the source. It is, however, a rather risky and involved process of finding trustworthy suppliers.

At Kraoma, we know that very well. We import all our products from farmers in Indonesia, but finding them was quite a challenge. You can read about it in our story. This is why some vendors simply prefer to use an American distributor rather than go through the hassle of securing a trusted supplier. 

5. Buy Kratom Online from Specialized Vendors

The best vendors to choose will be kratom-specific vendors and ethnobotanical online stores. These types of vendors will be more informed on different topics on kratom. Therefore, you’ll have higher chances of getting a premium-quality kratom powder from them.

If you see kratom on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, or, even worse, on Craigslist, stay away. Regardless of what they say and how compelling the price may be.

6. Look for 3rd-Party Lab Test Results

A legitimate kratom vendor should always test their products for any contaminants. That alone does not mean that kratom in itself is bad. It’s simply a herb in its natural raw form, and contamination is possible. Therefore, each batch should pass through a laboratory.

To ensure that test results are trustworthy, it’s important that these laboratories are 3rd-party and independent. Otherwise, there is a risk of the test result not being legitimate.

Keep in mind though that there are fake kratom vendors who may steal and manipulate lab test results from other vendors. Therefore, carefully inspect and assess all factors before you buy kratom online.

7. Copywriting and Advertising Matters

Copywriting is the language used in the product descriptions on the vendor’s site. If that or the advertisements that may have led you to the site seem flowery, exaggerated, or otherwise off, it may be best to avoid them. Anything that misrepresents kratom is not a good indicator.

Since kratom legality is a hot topic, using claims that are not true about kratom can negatively affect its reputation and consequently – its legality.

8. Keep an Eye on the News

From time to time, you may see news on contaminated kratom or companies issuing product recalls due to potential contamination. That alone should not be a matter for concern. Kratom is a plant, and plants are a subject to contamination. Especially if they are raw. For instance, contaminated lettuce regularly gets out on the market.

Nonetheless, keep an eye on the news to be informed about such instances.

Yet, if you see a vendor repeatedly getting in the news or recalling their products, it may indicate that they aren’t testing their products properly.

9. Ask the Kratom Community

You can get some valuable insights from the people in the kratom community. There are various forums as well as subreddits on Reddit dedicated to kratom. In those, you can find kratom enthusiasts and discuss different topics, and inquire about their experience with different kratom vendors.

10. Try Free Samples before Buying Kratom Online

Last but not least, if you have a vendor or a few in mind, you don’t have to buy kratom online from them right away. Most reputable vendors offer free samples or beginner’s packs. These normally contain small amounts of powder that is just enough to get an impression of what the vendor has to offer.

If you are looking for more tips and tricks on buying high-quality Mitragyna speciosa, see our guide on buying kratom.

If you are new to kratom or simply looking for a new vendor, feel free to give us a try. We offer two 10-gram kratom free samples. Our kratom powder comes for free and you can choose any two strains from those we have in stock; you only need to cover shipping costs which are less than $5. That is much cheaper than some beginner’s packs that you may be able to find online.

However, if you are willing to go all the way and buy kratom powder now, sign up for our mailing list first for a 10% discount of your first order. 

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