Can You Buy Kratom on Amazon in 2023?

Kratom on Amazon

Nowadays, you can shop for pretty much anything on Amazon. Clothes, tools, books, movies, furniture, food, and even gadgets you’ve never heard of (and probably don’t even need) can be found on the platform. With the paid subscription program Amazon Prime, you can get your order in under two days and for free. Sounds great.

So, what if you decide to browse around and look for kratom? Amazon is the Everything Store after all, and you may even have read in another blog post online that kratom on Amazon is indeed available.

Well, if you do go browsing, you may be surprised not to find any actual kratom products. No powder, no capsules, no extracts, just books on kratom.

Why so?

Short answer: kratom isn’t among products that Amazon allows for selling. Trust us, those blog posts claiming otherwise were inaccurate.

But since you’re here for the longer answer, let’s explore that further.

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Buy Kratom on Amazon

1. Kratom Is a Controversial Product

Amazon sells everything as long as it’s not going to get it in trouble. Therefore, you won’t be able to buy quite a few things, such as pets.

However, with DEA and FDA wanting it banned, kratom is a risky and controversial product.

The DEA has attempted banning the herb countrywide in 2016 while the FDA has repeatedly referred to it as an opioid and disapproved it.

The numerous attempts to ban kratom and ongoing bills to either ban or schedule it have created rather negative fame around Mitragyna speciosa.

Some vendors have tried getting around Amazon’s restrictions by dropping any reference of kratom from their product names and descriptions, and only referring to the herb, for instance, Red Bali. However, they eventually were barred from doing so.

Keep in mind, though, that vendors using such tactics aren’t actually beneficial.  Such practice misinforms buyers and draws even more negative attention to Mitragyna speciosa.

2. Legality Issues

While Mitragyna speciosa is legal in most of the US, kratom legality is still an issue. Kratom is illegal in various states, counties, and towns. Amazon’s fast service and operating procedures could lead to potentially letting a buyer from a banned area to order kratom. This, in turn, could lead to larger issues.

In addition to that, kratom is illegal in various countries across Europe and the rest of the world. With Amazon’s global shipping policy, this, too, could potentially cause issues, endangering the company’s entire business model.

3. Payment Processing Issues

Those new to kratom find it unusual and inconvenient that it’s usually hard to find a vendor facilitating usual payment methods like a credit card. The two biggest bank card companies Visa and MasterCard, do not allow transactions for kratom. Neither do giants like PayPal or Stripe.

Sometimes, a kratom vendor may come across a reliable card processor, but often it’s not a viable option.

That is because very few card processors are willing to work with kratom. It’s considered a high-risk business due to its controversial nature and changing legality.

Since Amazon relies on payment processors that do not support speciosa businesses, paying for kratom on Amazon is impossible.

So, If Kratom on Amazon Is Not a Thing, Where Do You Buy Kratom?

The good news is that there are plenty of kratom vendors out there. The bad news is that you need to be extremely careful in selecting one as there are many bad players, cheap kratom, low-quality products, and scams. In that regard, the kratom market is just like Amazon.

Stores, both local and online, offer kratom for sale. Yet, we advise that you give preference to online ones.

Mitragyna speciosa from reliable online vendors tends to be much fresher and potent than that from local stores. Prices tend to be more favorable as online stores do not need to cover as high overhead and middleman costs.

For instance, at Kraoma, we import our products from Indonesia. After passing through the necessary tests, the powder is ready to be packaged and shipped to buyers. Local stores would require additional time for kratom to arrive at their destination and be put out for sale. All this is additional time, during which the product can lose some of its aroma and potency.

Now that you know that you shouldn’t look for kratom on Amazon, know that you can find quite a few useful things that you can purchase, such as containers to store kratom in and a sensitive digital scale to measure kratom with.

And if you still haven’t gotten your hands on fresh and consistently potent kratom, check out or kratom buying guide with tips to help you prevent scams and bad purchases. Last but not least, do not hesitate to check out our store.

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