Can You Buy Kratom with a Debit or Credit Card?

Buy kratom with credit or debit card

Credit and debit cards are currently the two most preferred payment methods. We use our credit and debit cards to pay for a wide variety of goods and services, both online and in physical stores. Payment cards are convenient, safe, and save a lot of space in our wallets.

Moreover, as cell phones develop, you can control and manage your cards using your bank’s mobile app and even leave them at home altogether and pay using mobile payment methods that you connect your cards to.

Despite this impressive functionality, you may be surprised to learn that the kratom vendor you’re about to buy kratom powder from, does not accept credit or debit cards but directs you to payment methods that you may not be familiar with. This can be particularly alarming if you buy kratom the first time.

Even though there are plenty of bad players in the kratom industry, the inability to accept card payments is not a sign that the vendor is a scammer. In fact, most kratom vendors do not accept credit or debit card payments.

Can You Buy Kratom with a Credit Card or a Debit Card?

Unfortunately, it won’t be possible most of the time. While sometimes you may come across kratom vendors who do accept payment cards, it’s almost always only a temporary solution. In most cases, kratom vendors do not accept credit or debit cards.

Why Can’t You Pay for Kratom with a Credit or Debit Card?

While your first reaction may be to mistrust a kratom vendor, the inability to accept card payments isn’t necessarily an indicator that it’s a fake or bad vendor.

The kratom industry is considered high-risk by most credit card providers and processing companies. Therefore, most credit card processing companies aren’t willing to support transactions for kratom sales.

The fact that credit card companies view kratom as a high-risk product does not mean that kratom itself is high-risk. Instead, because of the complicated legality of kratom, the kratom industry is considered high-risk.

In most states, kratom is not illegal, yet, except for a few states, it’s not regulated either.  Moreover, legal authorities like the FDA support its ban, and most news articles on kratom are negatively biased. As a result, credit card companies avoid kratom and kratom vendors.

What Is a High-Risk Credit Card Payment Industry?

As mentioned above, that has nothing to do with the product itself, but rather with the industry. High-risk merchants pose a higher risk of potential fraud, scams, and chargebacks. All of this can hurt the reputation of the company as well as its income. Because of that, credit card companies simply avoid these industries to minimize their risk.

Other industries that are considered high risk are:

  • CBD and hemp products,
  • adult sites,
  • online gambling,
  • lotteries,
  • electronic cigarettes,
  • weapons and ammunition.

In addition to these, some seemingly harmless industries also are believed to be high-risk, for example:

  • travel industry, e.g., airlines, travel packages, vacation rentals,
  • international e-commerce,
  • pharmaceuticals,
  • marketing,
  • debt collection,
  • nutraceuticals,
  • web-hosting,
  • auctions,
  • calling cards companies,
  • and more.

While the products and services offered by high-risk merchants may not necessarily be high risk, the possibility of fraud and chargebacks is higher than usual. Therefore, credit card companies tend to stay away from these industries.

What If I Find a Kratom Vendor that Accepts Credit and Debit Cards?

Sometimes, though rarely, you may come across a kratom vendor that does indeed claim that they accept credit or debit cards. Though it may seem like you hit the jackpot, in most cases, it’s best not to buy kratom with a credit card.

These are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t buy kratom with a credit card:

1. Credit Card Payments Are Likely Temporary

Finding a reliable credit card company willing to work with kratom vendors is extremely rare. In many cases, this is only temporary, as these processing companies can revert their decision at any time. So, even if you can buy kratom with a credit card now, it’s not a guarantee that it will stay that way. So, over time, you will likely need to seek an alternative payment method.

2. Possible Overseas Companies

Some kratom vendors collaborate with overseas companies to ensure credit card payment. Yet, this can be extremely risky. While this may be more convenient, these companies will gain access to your payment and personal data. This can put you at unnecessary risk.

Overseas processing costs usually will be much higher, which, in turn, can affect product prices.

3. Savings when Paying with Alternative Payment Methods

Many vendors offer discounts when their customers buy kratom with alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrency. This means that you can save even more if you do not buy kratom with a credit card.

4. Anonymity

Alternative payment methods offer you more control over your data. If you pay with a credit card, however, your credit card company has a record of all your payments and purchases. While there is no proof that it can affect you in any way, paying for kratom with other means such as cryptocurrency can provide you with more peace of mind.

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