Traveling with Kratom: Is It Safe to Bring It?

Traveling with kratom

As travel is returning to our lives, you may be considering visiting family or friends you have not seen in a while. Or, you may be taking a business trip or simply going on a vacation. So, what do you do with your kratom? Should you leave it behind, or is traveling with kratom possible?

In this blog post, we’ll share some useful tips so that you know what you should (and shouldn’t) be doing.

Is It Legal to Travel with Kratom?

As most answers to kratom questions tend to be, the response to this one is “It depends.”

As long as Mitragyna speciosa is legal where you travel from as well as in your destination, you can travel with it. However, if the herb is illegal in either one of the locations, you shouldn’t travel with kratom.

Why Travel with Kratom?

1. Keep Your Kratom Routine

If you are enjoying the Mitragyna speciosa benefits, traveling with it can help you keep your routine. This way, you can maintain your quality of life. It will also prevent you from experiencing additional stress if you are unable to benefit from the herb.

2. Avoid Low-Quality Products

If you have vetted and found your favorite kratom vendor, why go through the hassle of looking for another in your destination?

First of all, legalities and practices may differ. For example, if there are no kratom laws or regulations, the quality of products may be questionable. You also risk buying fake kratom or a product that may contain contaminants, adulterants, and other pathogens.

Product quality and potency may differ from what you may already be used to. And you also won’t need to scramble and shop for supplies upon arrival.

The Do’s of Traveling with Kratom

1. Research the Kratom Legalities in the Place You Travel To

In the United States, for example, there are no federal kratom laws. However, at the time of writing this blog article, kratom is a scheduled substance in six states. They are Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Several counties in the United States, especially within Mississippi, have criminalized kratom as well.

Internationally, there are countries where it is illegal. Moreover, in plenty of countries and areas, people aren’t familiar with kratom and there are no laws or regulations in regard to it.

So, the first thing you should do before you travel with kratom is to review its legal status. It must be legal where you travel from so that you can pass any security controls. It also must be legal in the place you’re traveling to. Else, you may be subject to criminal charges.

It’s possible that kratom is legal in your destination, but there is pending legislation to outlaw it. In this case, make sure to keep an eye on any updates to the bill. Laws can change last-minute, leaving you unprepared.

2. Research Kratom Laws in Transit Locations

Kratom may be legal in your location of origin as well as where you intend to travel. However, you may happen to travel through a place where kratom is banned. Then, things can get tricky.

If you travel domestically by, for instance, a car and cross a state that banned kratom, it’s best to leave it at home. You risk getting stopped for an inspection, and kratom could possibly cause you legal issues.

If you are flying with kratom, you may have a layover in a country or state that’s outlawed it. Then, there is a certain degree of uncertainty. Often, air travel transit luggage does not get scanned. 

Nonetheless, some locations may require you to check in your bags once more in between flights. In such an instance, they get scanned again and kratom can be detected. Usually, upon checking in, airport staff should inform you if you need to check in again. However, if you feel uncertain, it’s a good idea to ask your airline. If they cannot clarify this information, it’s a good idea not to travel with kratom.

3. Carry Kratom in Its Original Packaging

Traveling with kratom in its original packaging makes it easier for security agents to identify what it is. They can review the contents by reading the label.

If you buy kratom from states that already have the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in place, things are easier. The legislation ensures that product labels include the ingredient list. This makes it extremely easy to identify the content and verify whether it is legal. (By the way, we’re based in Nevada, one of the states that have passed the KCPA.)

Fresh and consistently potent kratom powder in a bowl available for purchase with text about its qualities

4. Be on Time

In comparison with other herbs, kratom is relatively new and many may not be familiar with it or the alkaloids it contains. 

So, if you travel with kratom by plane or other means of transport that will scan your baggage, arrive on time. This way, you will have enough time in case TSA officers want to perform an inspection of the package you are carrying.

In places that are less familiar with kratom, TSA officers may want to verify that what you are carrying is not illegal. This may involve swab tests or drug sniffer dogs. If you have verified that kratom is legal in that location, there’s nothing for you to worry about.

5. Be Prepared to Answer Questions

Security agents may question you about the kratom that you are traveling with, especially if they aren’t familiar with the herb. Be ready to respond to some basic questions, such as:

  • What does the package contain?
  • What is kratom?
  • Why do you carry it?
  • Is kratom legal?
  • How and why do you need it?

Make sure to remain calm and respectful, and use simple and succinct sentences. If kratom is legal, you should be safe. But, you may raise suspicion if you behave as if you are doing something that’s not allowed.

If you don’t know how to handle such interactions, review the American Kratom Association’s advocacy kit. While talking to TSA officers and advocating for kratom in your local community isn’t identical, similar principles apply. You want to achieve a positive outcome in the situation without compromising yourself or the reputation of kratom.

6. Pack Kratom in Your Carry-on Luggage

If you’d like to fly and take kratom with you, it’s best to place it in your carry-on luggage. Both your carry-on and your checked baggage will get scanned at the airport. So, if kratom is illegal, either where you travel from or where you travel to, leave it behind. It will be detected regardless of where you place it.

Placing kratom in your carry-on will not compromise its quality. The temperature in the cabin remains warm, whereas the temperature in the cargo section of the plane drops. It’s typically maintained above freezing temperature. Yet, exposing kratom to such temperature changes could result in condensation developing within the packages. This moisture can deteriorate the quality of the product and lead to mold development.

7. Be Flexible and Have a Plan B

Even if you are certain that you won’t face any issues, keep an open mind. Moreover, consider what you would do if your kratom gets confiscated. While this may never happen, being prepared will help you remain calm in case anything does happen.

The Don’ts of Traveling with Kratom

1. Don’t Hide Your Kratom

If your trip involves a location where kratom is illegal, don’t try to sneak it through by concealing it. Security agents are skilled and have tools that enable them to detect illegal substances. They are also well-trained and know how to tell when someone is lying or hiding something.

Don’t try to outsmart them. You not only risk facing criminal charges but also damage the overall reputation of kratom.

2. Don’t Take More than You Need

Estimate how much kratom you are going to need while you are traveling and leave the rest at home. Excess kratom will add additional weight. It will also be exposed to temperature changes and other factors that may affect its quality and shorten its shelf life.

3. Don’t Object to the TSA Officers’ Decisions

Even if kratom may not be illegal, TSA officers may have trouble identifying it or require additional testing. So, they may confiscate it and let you continue your travels without kratom. This is rather unlikely, but may still occur.

If it does, follow their instructions. Do not start an argument or object to their decision. It can only make matters worse. Instead, remain polite and respectful and resort to your plan B.

Looking for fresh and reliable kratom to take with you while traveling? Check out the kratom powder we have in store. It comes directly from Indonesia and undergoes proper lab testing to comply with the Nevada Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

And last but not least, feel free to ask us any kratom questions. We’d be happy to reply.

Fresh and consistently potent kratom powder in a bowl available for purchase with text about its qualities

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