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Kratom for Cheap: Is It Worth the Risk?

Kratom for Cheap

Many people are looking to buy kratom for cheap. There is nothing wrong with it. Who doesn’t like getting a great deal on things? But have you ever bought something cheap while thinking you made a smart choice, only for your purchase to fail you down the road? Many people want instant gratification but neglect the long term consequences.

There’s a difference between buying cheap kratom and getting a good deal.

Kratom for Cheap Vs. A Good Deal: Myths and Truths

Myth 1: All Kratom Comes from the Same Supplier, Just Buy the Cheapest Kind!

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Borneo Island in Indonesia where most kratom comes from is almost twice the size of California. There are literally hundreds of places to harvest kratom, and they are not all the same.

There are many factors that go into quality kratom such as:

  • the age of the trees,
  • the altitude,
  • the wetness of the environment where a specific strain can thrive the most, and more.

It is virtually impossible for one supplier to keep track of all these factors with so many places to harvest kratom from.

In addition to that, there are dozens, if not hundreds of different kratom plantations that are usually owned by small families or kratom growers.

They all have their own way of cultivating kratom, and they all have different levels of experience. Some have been growing kratom for decades, others have been doing it only for a few years.

let’s look at a more common example. Have you ever seen two fruits of the same kind imported from the same country, but one looked ripe and healthy, while the other did not? Why is that? Because they came from different places. Yes, they did indeed come from the same country. But that does not mean that they came from the same supplier, same farm, or the same tree.

The same goes when buying cheap kratom vs. quality kratom.

Truth: The Kratom Industry in Indonesia is Unregulated

The kratom industry is unregulated in Indonesia, and it is a second world country.  Therefore, the ethics and standards of many kratom suppliers there are much lower.

We’re not knocking Indonesia. It’s a beautiful country with wonderful people. In fact, many of the Indonesian people we’ve interacted with were actually friendlier and more pleasant to deal with than many Americans. But it’s an obvious fact that Indonesians have lower standards and do not emphasize cleanliness as much due to limited regulations.

Myth 2: You Save when You Buy Kratom for Cheap

Well, not necessarily. Many cheaper brands sell weak-potency kratom. You may require as much as twice the amount to achieve the desired results. Thus, you may pay less upfront, but your supply won’t last nearly as long as you’ll be using it twice faster.

Truth: You Save on Deals

High-quality, pure and potent kratom usually comes at a higher price. It can be a much larger investment, yet you are going to need smaller amounts to achieve the desired results. As a result, your supply will last much longer.

Same as energy-efficient bulbs. You’ll need to pay a lot more for them, but they will last at least 10 years longer than regular bulbs. So, at the end of the day, you’ll spend a lot more on repeatedly replacing regular bulbs and electricity costs.

If you’d like to save money when buying kratom, look for discount codes or offers. Some companies may offer mix and match packages such as our discount bundles. With these, you can buy kratom in bulk, get a few different strains, and save in the process. Make sure to invest in some quality air-tight containers to store kratom properly.

Another great option is loyalty programs, Those allow you to earn points as you shop and later redeem them.

Browse through the vendor’s website and check through their FAQ page and other information available. You’ll surely find ways to save with a well-established vendor.

An easy way of staying informed about any discounts, offers, promotions, and similar or connecting with the vendor through social media or subscribing to their newsletter. This way, you’ll see any relevant news in your inbox or your feed shortly after they go live.

Myth 3: All Kratom Is Made the Same Way

That’s not always true. There are many factors that come into play:

  • What are the standards, practices, and ethics of these cheap kratom suppliers?
  • Do they sanitize their equipment?
  • Are they using lead-free up-to-date equipment?
  • How are the vendors operating?
  • Are they in a carpeted basement where pet dander might be in the air? Or are they in a well-ventilated facility that conforms to GMP standards?

Truth: Better Practices Will Normally Result in More Expensive Kratom

There are many factors that go into properly operating a kratom business, and it’s not cheap. We know that from personal experience having dealt with a variety of suppliers and lost a ton of resources in the process.

In order to offer kratom for cheap, vendors need to cut corners and sacrifice the quality and safety of the product in order to be able to drastically lower their prices.

Myth 4: It Does Not Matter Whom You Buy Kratom From

The FDA knows that there is malpractice going on due to the limited regulations, which it sees as another reason to ban it. One of such ways is how local shops such as headshops and other local stores often misrepresent kratom. They may label it as a legal high and attribute properties that kratom does not have. None of that serves the kratom community any good.

Since kratom is a pricy herb, some also mix it with other herbs or substances to maximize their profits.

Truth: You Make a Statement When You Buy Kratom

By selecting a kratom vendor you demonstrate your stance in the kratom debate.

Are you supporting a vendor that is hurting the kratom community? Or are you supporting a kratom vendor that is moving the kratom community forward? Pay attention to the following things as you evaluate a kratom vendor whom you’d like to buy kratom from:

  • What are their values?
  • How are they trying to help the kratom community? Are they donating to any kratom research or similar causes?
  • How do they advertise kratom?
  • What do they do to ensure that their kratom is safe? Do they lab-test it?
  • What are other people saying about them?
  • Are they knowledgeable about kratom?
  • Have they been involved in any malpractices or done something that my negatively affect kratom legality in the United States?

These are some important things to consider next time you buy kratom for cheap.

At Kraoma, we source all kratom directly from the source. We’ve carefully vetted our farmers and only selected those who follow the most sustainable and high-quality practices and consistently provide fresh, potent, and quality kratom. If you’d like to check it out, we have free kratom samples.

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