How to Save on Kratom: Insider Tips

Save on Kratom

One of the greatest concerns of many kratom buyers is its price. Quality kratom tends to be on the expensive side; therefore, many people look for ways to save on kratom.

The first thing that many do is search for kratom for cheap. However, that isn’t the best option, and it comes with plenty of risks. Cheap kratom can be old, inconsistent in quality, contaminated, adulterated, or even fake. So, in most instances, it’s best to avoid cheap kratom.

Nonetheless, there are several ways in which buyers can save money on kratom when shopping from trusted, quality vendors.

How to Save on Kratom

1. Buy Kratom Online Rather than Locally

Online stores tend to have better prices than physical retail shops. There are several reasons for that.

Local stores must pay greater overhead costs for maintaining an open location, and this affects the product price. Moreover, most local retail stores get kratom from a distributor rather than directly from the source. This extra step in the process requires additional resources. This, too, will influence the final price.

In addition to that, retail stores primarily sell small packages or capsules in small amounts. As with many products, smaller packages tend to be more expensive than buying products in bulk.

2. Buy from Vendors who Import Kratom from the Source

Online vendors’ prices are generally more favorable than local retail store prices. Keep in mind, though, that any extra steps will require covering middleman costs and will manifest in a more expensive price. Therefore, look for vendors who import kratom products straight from kratom farmers in Southeast Asia.

You’ll benefit from it not only by getting a better price, but also much fresher kratom. The fresher the kratom, the better quality and potency you can expect. Therefore, even if the upfront price is higher, you’ll save on kratom in the long run.

You’ll need less kratom each time, and your reserves will last you much longer. By contrast, you’ll burn through lower quality or old kratom much faster.

That being said, avoid getting kratom directly from farmers in Indonesia. While the price they state may seem amazing, there have been numerous scams when kratom was never shipped.

In addition to that, we, and other merchants like us, test kratom products upon arrival in the US in specific third-party laboratories. Meanwhile, Indonesia has no regulations regarding the purity and quality of kratom products. So, there are zero guarantees that the kratom you get is pure. (If you receive it at all.)

3. Buy Consistent Quality Kratom

Cheap kratom tends to fluctuate in quality. You’ll notice that it is frequently hit or miss. As a result, you may start upping your daily amount. A larger amount can result in increased tolerance.

So, you may at first save on cheaper and less consistent kratom. However, this will gradually speed up the time in which you use up your kratom order. You’ll need to restock much sooner. In the long run, you’ll end up paying a lot more.

Fresh and consistently potent kratom powder in a bowl available for purchase with text about its qualities

4. Buy Powder Rather than Capsules

Many buyers prefer capsules due to their convenience of use. You can skip the digital scale and easily measure your amount by simply counting the capsules.

However, capsules require additional materials, work, and resources. As a result, the same amount in capsules will cost a lot higher than raw powder from kratom leaves. So, if you want to save on kratom, opt for raw powder rather than capsules.

5. Look into Loyalty Programs

If you are a dedicated customer of a kratom vendor, you may be able to benefit from loyalty programs such as ours. You can get points for each purchase that you make and redeem these points for discounts for in the future.

6. Get Discount Bundles

Getting products in bulk is always friendlier to your wallet, and kratom is no different. With discount bundles, you can choose one or several types of kratom that you prefer and save in the process.

At Kraomadiscount bundles are available in various amounts, and you can save from 9-21%. The larger the amount that you choose, the larger your savings will be. Go for a split kilo for the highest savings.

Keep in mind that you should store kratom in airtight containers and in a cool dark place. This will prevent it from losing its freshness and potency.

7. Save on Kratom by Paying with Cryptocurrency

Unfortunately, most kratom vendors are unable to accept credit card payments. PayPal and similar alternative payment methods also aren’t available.

However, you can pay for kratom in other ways, such as with e-checks or cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency payments help you to ensure anonymity and security, as well as don’t require vendors to pay extortionate fees. Because of that, many kratom vendors offer discounts if you pay with cryptocurrency.

If you’d like to choose Kraoma for your next purchase, you can save on kratom if you pay with cryptocurrency. We accept most major cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Ripple, and Litecoin, and you can save 20% off the price.

8. Subscribe to Vendor’s Mailing List for Discount and Sale Notifications

Online vendors frequently offer discounts during special dates, such as holidays. You may also be able to score a favorable price during discount periods such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, if you are busy throughout the week, it can be extremely easy to miss a great discount.

Unless, of course, you get notified about it.

Because of that, it’s a good idea to sign up for your go-to vendor’s e-mail list. This way, you can receive e-mails about any promotions, offers, or discounts that you wouldn’t want to miss.

9. Get Free Shipping

Another great way to save some money is to have postal fees included in the price. Kratom merchants often have spending thresholds. If you spend a certain amount, you don’t have to pay postal fees.

At Kraoma, for instance, all packages except for free samples ship for free. For smaller orders, we choose a more affordable shipping method. Meanwhile, larger purchases are sent with Priority Mail. You can always pay more if you want to receive your package sooner.

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Fresh and consistently potent kratom powder in a bowl available for purchase with text about its qualities

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