Best Kratom Payment Options: How to Pay for Kratom?

Kratom payment options

When you buy kratom the first time, you may be unpleasantly surprised that your regular credit card does not work as a valid payment option. After doing some research, you may also find out that neither PayPal nor Square or Stripe.

As a result, you may find yourself wondering about how you can pay for kratom.

No worries, there are several kratom payment options. And even if you’re unfamiliar with them, with a bit of practice, you can get accustomed.

Best Kratom Payment Options


eChecks, or electronic checks, are an online payment method. It works similarly to traditional payment checks. To process the payment, funds are withdrawn from the payer’s account and transferred to the ACH network, after which it’s deposited into the payee’s checking account.

eChecks are easy to work with and take two to four business days to clear. Then, the merchant receives the funds within three to five business days.


Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly more popular in the kratom community, making it one of the preferred kratom payment options. It’s mainly due to the higher level of privacy and security. Cryptocurrency payments are performed in the blockchain, and only require one’s name and shipping address.

Banks, however, gain thorough access to different personal details such as contact information as well as details about the purchase.

Merchants also benefit from cryptocurrency payments. When they accept cards, they must pay various fees. While cryptocurrency payments also come with a fee, those are considerably lower. Moreover, money transfers happen instantaneously and do not use a third party.

Because of the many benefits associated with cryptocurrency payments, many kratom vendors offer a discount if a buyer chooses to pay with cryptocurrency.

Money Order

A money order is a method of payment for a specific, pre-specified sum of money. The sum indicated in the money order must be paid in advance. So, this makes is a more trustworthy payment method in comparison with regular checks.

A money order is simple to attain. It’s available in post offices as well as in a variety of different locations such as Western Union, MoneyGram, Wal-Mart, and others.

If you would like to buy kratom, you can pay with cryptocurrency and save 20% off of your order price. 

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