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The Borneo tree is native to the rainforests of Malaysian Borneo. This region has many different species of kratom because it’s so isolated, and this variety has given rise to some amazing strains. Just like other kratom varieties, it is available in three different vein colors: relaxing and soothing Red Borneo, moderate and balanced Green Borneo, as well as potent, invigorating White Borneo. Borneo strains offer a unique experience due to their distinctive energizing, soothing, and euphoric aromas. At Kraoma, we ethically and sustainably source our kratom directly from local farmers, so you can buy Borneo kratom confident that it’s freshly packaged and 100% pure.

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Borneo has a spicy aroma similar to that of other red vein kratom strains, but it's much smoother than Thai or Maeng Da. Borneo also tends to provide more uplifting energy due to its slightly stimulating effects. 

This stimulant activity can make Borneo kratom an ideal choice for daytime use or help you power through a rough morning. Buy premium-quality kratom at affordable prices today.

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