Common Kratom Buying Scams Buyers Should Be Aware Of

Kratom scams

While buying kratom is easy, buying quality kratom that’s free of contaminants and adulterants can be challenging. Due to the herb not being regulated by the FDA, many bad players are taking advantage of the situation. Therefore, it is crucial for buyers to be aware of common kratom scams.

Let’s find out what they are so that you can avoid them.

Common Kratom Buying Scams

1. Fake Kratom Lab Test Results

Ever since the kratom salmonella outbreak in 2018, kratom vendors started displaying kratom lab test results on their websites. Kratom vendors must test all their products at independent 3rd-party laboratories to ensure the purity and quality of their products.

The states that have passed the KCPA are required to do so by local state law. Most states do not have regulations in place at the moment. Therefore, testing is entirely up to them.

Bad players have caught up with the fact that having lab test results on their websites help make sales. And since they do not have their own, they take them from other vendors.

So, before buying kratom, take a moment to not only look for lab test results but also shortly examine them. Do they seem legitimate, or does it seem like something has been modified? We also advise Googling the name of the laboratory to make sure it exists.

2. Cheap Kratom

Going for cheap kratom is risky. While there are cheaper and more expensive alternatives, going for the cheapest kratom can result in you buying kratom that’s old, expired, moist, or adulterated.

While some kratom is indeed overpriced, kratom products cannot be too cheap. Numerous factors affect the kratom price. For instance, a vendor needs to factor into the price possible bad batches that do not pass kratom tests and need to be discarded.

So, if a vendor is selling cheap kratom and their income isn’t enough to cover such batches, they are more likely not to discard moist, old, contaminated, or adulterated kratom, but instead, put that out on the market.

3. The Wrong Type of Mitragyna

Mitragyna speciosa or kratom isn’t the only type of Mitragyna genus that grows across Southeast Asia.

In actuality, there are seven different types of Mitragyna speciose trees, and they aren’t the same. Not only do they have physical differences, but also their alkaloid profile isn’t the same. Other types of Mitragyna trees do not have the same levels of mitragynine or 7-mitragynine or don’t have them at all.

So, if you hear people claiming that kratom grows freely in, for instance, the Philippines or India, that’s not accurate. While Mitragyna trees do indeed grow there, that are not Mitragyna speciosa.

4. Social Media or Marketplace Vendors

Have you ever been approached by a vendor on Facebook? Or looked into online marketplaces? While not all of those will be kratom scams, your risk of falling victim one is much high.

Since the popularity of kratom has grown rapidly, many farmers in Indonesia have switched industries to get on the bandwagon and earn additional income from the popular herb. Sadly, most of them have no experience with kratom.

Moreover, Indonesia does not have hygiene or testing standards that are common in the West. As a result, if you purchase kratom straight from a farmer, the chances of it not having been tested or properly treated are much higher than if you had purchased it from an established vendor with a secure supplier.

For instance, we, at Kraoma, import kratom directly from Indonesia. We have personally traveled to Indonesia to establish connections with farmers and harvesters and assess their practices and facilities.

After much trial and error as well as thousands of lost dollars in the process, we have been able to settle on several families of reliable growers that have been in the kratom craft for generations. While it is a painful yet acceptable loss for a business, it can be devastating for an individual.

5. Large Bulk of Kratom for a Price that’s Too Good to be True

On multiple occasions, we have come across complaints from buyers who have transferred large sums of money, such as about a thousand dollars, for 10 kilos of kratom that they never received. To them, it seemed like an extremely economical deal.

So, if you come across an offer of several kilograms of kratom for a price that is too good, it likely is. Moreover, getting too much kratom is not necessary as its freshness can degrade with time, especially if you do not store that properly.

6. Subscription Kratom Sample Scams

Kratom samples are a great way of getting a feel of a vendor’s products and services. However, you need to make sure you pay attention to the small print and disclaimers.

While not very common, it is possible to subscribe for a kratom sample scam that involves a subscription plan. So, you’ll be regularly charged for kratom you may not have subscribed for.

As always, be vigilant and pay attention to details. As the market evolves and the popularity of kratom grows to do the scam techniques. Don’t be afraid to take a little extra time to do your research so that you avoid any unpleasant kratom scams. If you’d like to learn more about how to buy quality Mitragyna speciosa, check out our kratom buying guide.

Have you ever experienced kratom scams? What were they? Let us and our readers know in the comment section below so that together we reduce the number of people who’ve been taken advantage of!

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    • Kraoma says:

      Hello Randy, we’re extremely sorry to hear that it has happened to you. It’s a pity that so many bad players take advantage of people who need this beneficial herb to feel better.
      And thank you for sharing that with us. It can help other people avoid unpleasant experiences.

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