5 Things to Do Before You Buy Kratom for the First Time

Buy Kratom First Time

If you are new to kratom, buying it the first time may seem confusing, especially considering the fact that it can be hard to find reliable information online.

Since there are many bad actors in the kratom market, it is possible for buyers to get access to bad-quality or contaminated kratom. Because the popularity of kratom has surged yet it remains unregulated in many locations, there are those who take advantage of that.

Below are a few things you should consider before you buy kratom the first time.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Kratom the First Time

1. Check the Legalities

While in most states across the US kratom is legal, there are locations where it is not. Some states, cities, and counties have banned the sales, distribution, and possession of kratom. If you live in locations where kratom is illegal, you cannot buy kratom locally and online vendors will not ship to these locations.

It is not uncommon for the information on the legality of kratom to regularly change, Therefore, it is important to check that before you buy kratom the first time. Please view this detailed post that we have written on kratom legality in the United States. We regularly update it, taking into consideration recent ban, bill, and other kratom legality news.

As far as the legality of kratom in other countries is concerned, it differs. In some countries kratom is legal, in others, it’s not. Some countries allow you to buy kratom if you have a doctor’s prescription. There are also many countries that are still unfamiliar with kratom.

2. Look for the KCPA

In most locations in the USA, kratom is unregulated. That means that there are no rules or regulations to ensure that what you buy is actually kratom. This can be risky as not all vendors ensure that their products are pure and high-quality.

To counter that, the American Kratom Association (AKA) has developed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Representatives of the AKA regularly travel and converse with legislators informing them about the benefits of regulating kratom instead of banning it.

The AKA only developed the KCPA in 2018, therefore, it’s still relatively new and only a few states have passed it.

What does that mean for the buyer?

Vendors in the states that have passed the KCPA or a variation of it must test kratom, discard any contaminated or adulterated product, as well as properly label it. If they fail to do that, they face penalties and possible criminal charges.

To find out which states have passed the KCPA, please refer to our kratom legality post mentioned above.

Nevada, the state where Kraoma is based, is one of the states that have passed it.

3. Try Kratom Samples First

Kratom prices vary dramatically, and it can be expensive. Therefore, it can be a challenge to decide which vendor to go with, especially if that’s your first time to buy kratom. Some vendors have high prices and high-quality kratom, others have low prices, but inconsistent quality kratom. There are also plenty of vendors who fall somewhere in between.

So, how can a first-time buyer know which to choose? Buying and testing different brands can turn out to be expensive and not an option for everyone.

That’s where kratom samples can be really useful.

Some kratom vendors offer small packages for free or a symbolic price. This way, it is possible to examine different strain and vein types as well as different vendors and make an informed decision which is also much cheaper.

We also offer free kratom samples for a small shipping fee. None of that goes to us; we simply use that to cover the shipping costs. And since we are based in Nevada, where KCPA is in place, you can be sure that our kratom powder is lab-tested, pure, fresh, and properly labeled.

4. Check Your Buying Options

You can buy kratom locally and online. Local stores are a more convenient option, but they also tend to be more expensive and offer a smaller range of products. There are also different risks involved when buying kratom locally, especially in states that do not regulate kratom. You can read about them in more detail here.

Buying kratom online is usually a more affordable and safer option. Keep in mind though that buying from US-based vendors is a much wiser decision. Many Indonesian farmers sell kratom reaching out o people through social media, but that’s not something we advise.

We actually spent years and thousands of dollars finding suitable kratom farmers to import kratom from. While it was an unpleasant process for us as a business, it can be even more damaging to an individual for a variety of reasons.

When you buy kratom online, look for vendors who have been in business for at least a few years, look professional, and do not falsely advertise kratom. If you see claims like “the best high,” stay away. If that’s even true, that’s likely not kratom that you would be paying for.

5. Find a Suitable Payment Method

Sadly, your regular Visa or MasterCard won’t necessarily work when you buy kratom. Most credit card companies consider it a high-risk product. Therefore, it can virtually impossible for vendors to accept payments using regular bank cards. PayPal and Square also do not work with kratom companies.

It may change in the future as kratom becomes regulated and more acceptable, but, unfortunately, at this time it’s not possible.

Payment options that kratom vendors usually go for are cryptocurrency, eCheck, and money order. If you buy kratom from us using cryptocurrency, we offer a 20% discount.

Are you are a first-time kratom buyer? Check out our guide on buying kratom for more tips and tricks. Are there any other questions that you have? We’ll be happy to help you and answer those!

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