Kratom Shelf Life: Does Kratom Ever Expire?

kratom shelf life

While Southeast Asia has been aware of kratom for centuries if not longer, in the west, we’ve only known of it for a few decades. The popularity of kratom is growing rapidly, yet there is still a lot we don’t know as well as plenty of misinformation.

Buyers expect kratom to be fresh, and vendors who legitimately care about their shoppers do their best to stock up on fresh speciosa. But what happens after you buy fresh kratom?

How long does it last? Does kratom expire? And if so, what is the kratom shelf life and how can you make sure that yours remains fresh and potent as long as possible.

Let’s tackle the question for you so that you can save on larger orders without compromising the quality of your kratom.

What Is Shelf Life?

Shelf life is the time period during which a product can be stored or for sale, or in other words, stay on a shelf, before its quality begins to deteriorate. Shelf life duration differs for each product.

You can still use the product past its shelf life but it will not be “in its prime.” Moreover, you can extend or shorten the shelf life of a product depending on how you store it.

What is Kratom’s Shelf Life?

High-quality kratom is at its freshest for three to six months after leaves have been ground into powder. However, by properly storing it, you can extend kratom shelf life and keep your product in optimal condition for up to two years or even longer.

While the quality of the product starts to slowly deteriorate after that and it eventually expires, it’s still good for a good while, especially if you have stored it correctly.

What Affects Kratom Shelf Life?

Kratom is an organic product. As any organic matter out there, it is subject to damage which can affect the way kratom looks, feels, and smells as well as its beneficial properties. This is due to the changes that occur on a molecular level.

Kratom powder contains a minimum of 25 different alkaloids. Alkaloids are a class of phytochemicals, non-nutritive plant chemicals with protective properties. They help plants resist different threats such as bacteria, fungi, insects, and even animals. Many alkaloids also have properties that humans can benefit from.

Once kratom leaves are removed from their tree, the alkaloids and other chemicals in them begin to break down. The process is very slow. However, certain factors can speed it up, causing kratom to lose its properties much faster. These include:

  • Prolonged exposure to UV light, i.e., direct sunlight,
  • Exposure to moisture,
  • Exposure to pathogens such as mold or fungi.

How to Extend Kratom Shelf Life?

1. Get the Freshest Kratom Possible

The fresher the kratom you buy, the less damage has occurred to the alkaloids. This also means longer kratom shelf life.

To get the freshest product possible, it’s best to buy kratom from a vendor who gets it straight from the source. Such kratom will spend less time being in transit, warehouses, and storages.

Packaging and repackaging a product repeatedly can also result in more exposure to sunlight, moisture, and pathogens. These can decrease kratom shelf life and quality. Capsules also require an additional step of handling and packaging which can also negatively affect the quality of the final product.

Usually, online vendors who specialize in kratom tend to have fresher products than local vendors. That’s because they are more likely to get their products directly from a manufacturer or farmer rather than a middleman.

Local vendors, especially tobacco stores, gas stations, and similar who do not specialize in kratom but sell it along with a multitude of other products, get kratom from a distributor. This means that by the time that the product gets to the buyer it is much older.

2. Don’t Mix Old Kratom with New

Got some old kratom reserves and considering mixing in your new batch to freshen it up? Not the best idea. Instead of improving the quality and shelf life of your old kratom, you are more likely to decrease that of your new.

If there are any pathogens present in your old batch, you risk easily transferring that to your new batch, eventually ruining it all.

So, leave your new batch sealed while you finish up what you already have.

3. Store Away from Direct Sunlight and Moisture

Exposure to sunlight and moisture can deteriorate kratom. Moisture can also cause mold and mildew to develop, and, once that happens, it’s best to get rid of the entire batch.

To store kratom properly, invest in quality airtight containers, Ziploc bags, and similar. Buying a vacuum sealer can be another wonderful long-term investment.

4. Don’t Use Wet Utensils

Once you have opened a package, avoid using wet utensils such as spoons to scoop our product. Even if there is a tiny amount of moisture on them, it can easily transfer to the rest of the product remaining in the bag. This can be more than enough for mold to start developing.

5. Don’t Freeze Kratom

While the fridge or freezer may seem like a good option to store for kratom long-term storage, you may actually end up damaging it if you do.

Dry herbal products can easily pick up moisture in the fridge, and unfreezing kratom can result in moisture and condensation forming in the packages. This, in turn, can lead to the development of mold.

For the same reason, avoid places where kratom can potentially be exposed to moisture and develop condensation. There are places such as the laundry room or bathroom.

Final Words

While speciosa powder is at its freshest in the first three months, it is possible to extend kratom shelf life by buying a fresh and high-quality product that hasn’t been stored for a long time or repackages various times. Moreover, store it adequately to make the most out of your batch.

If you would like to get your hands on some fresh and potent kratom that is going to have a long shelf life, check out our kratom products. We import them directly from farmers in Indonesia and test them in a third-party laboratory to ensure no pathogens or adulterants are present.

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