Is Kratom Legal in Kentucky in 2021?

is kratom legal in kentucky

Kentucky is the 15th state of the US that used to be a county before it became a state.

Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were both born in Kentucky about a 100 miles away from each other within less than a year. And Thomas Edison used to work at Western Union in Louisville. Not long though. He spilled sulfuric acid onto his boss’s furniture which got hired.

Kentucky is also where KFC and the “Happy Birthday” song originated.

Is Kratom Legal in Kentucky?

Kratom is legal in Kentucky. In 2016, the Kentucky government intended to ban kratom, but the bill failed. Kratom remains legal in the state of Kentucky.

In 2016, a bill with an aim to define kratom and introduce it in the Kentucky controlled substance act was introduced. The bill intended to include kratom among Schedule I substances and label it as a synthetic opioid.

The bill eventually failed.

However, another action raised concern among kratom supporters in 2017 and 2018. There was a bill that suggested creating Schedule A, a new list of controlled substances.

Schedule A would have included substances that have similar properties to already banned ones.

Kratom has opioid-like properties and opioids are banned. Therefore, it would have been highly likely that kratom would have been included in this category.

The act that would have made it legal had plenty of opposition. While this bill passed the initial hearings, it seems to not have gone any further.

Where to Buy Kratom in Kentucky?

It is legal to buy kratom in a number of smoke shops across Louisville and other cities in Kentucky.

However, we strongly recommend that you buy kratom online from reputable vendors instead. There are many risks involved when it comes to buying kratom locally.

Local shops frequently mislabel and misrepresent kratom as well as sell it for higher prices. There is a greater chance of getting a high-quality product from kratom-specific online vendors.

If you’d like to see a U.S. kratom legality map and more detailed information on whether kratom is legal in your state, please check out this blog post

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