Is Kratom Legal in Alabama in 2021?

is kratom legal in Alabama

Alabama or “The Heart of Dixie” is where the Civil War started. It’s also the home state of Harper Lee, the author of the American classic To Kill a Mockingbird.

While Louisiana is popular for the Mardi Gras Festival, Alabama is the state that introduced it to the western world.

So, how does Sweet Home Alabama treat kratom?

Is Kratom Legal in Alabama?

Kratom is banned in Alabama. Kratom is a Schedule I controlled substance in Alabama and it is illegal to sell, possess, manufacture, or distribute it within the state.

In 2016, the Alabama Senate decided to make mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the two most abundant alkaloids in kratom illegal.

According to the wording of the bill, both kratom alkaloids fall under synthetic substances. This is an inaccurate portrayal of kratom despite its natural origin. The main reasons for including it kratom in the controlled substances list is that it is untested and no medical benefits have been determined.

There was a petition that urged the authorities to vote against the ban in 2016 and another that suggested its repeal in 2017. But, none of them succeeded.

Where to Buy Kratom in Alabama?

At this moment, it is not legal to buy kratom in Alabama. Therefore, buying, selling, and possessing kratom in Alabama is a felony.

Hopefully, advocacy succeeds and one day the Alabama authorities reverse the kratom ban.

However, right now, if you reside in Alabama, we advise you not to try to acquire kratom. Even if you find it extremely healthy. Doing so may put your legal status at risk. It may also negatively affect the reputation of kratom in the US.

If you’d like to see a U.S. kratom legality map as well as more detailed information on whether kratom is legal in your state, please refer to this blog post

12 thoughts on “Is Kratom Legal in Alabama in 2021?

  1. Sara Smith says:

    Is there any legislation pending at the federal or state level to make it legal? If the state or federal government taxed it, our country/state would make a fortune.

    • Kraoma says:

      Hello Sara,
      According to the information available to us at the moment, there isn’t any pending legislation. However, the AKA is lobbying for that to happen.

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