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Is Kratom Legal in North Carolina in 2021?

is kratom legal in North Carolina

North Carolina is famous for the Great Smokey Mountains National Park which is the most popular among tourists in the US.

North Carolina is also home of Pepsi Cola and Krispy Kreme Doughnut. It’s also where the Wright Brothers took their first flight.

Where does North Carolina stand in terms of kratom?

Is Kratom Legal in North Carolina?

Kratom is legal in North Carolina for individuals over the age of 18. There was a bill which intended to ban kratom. But, after various petitions, North Carolina officials amended it by setting an age restriction instead of banning it altogether.

In October 2016, two North Carolina senators sponsored a bill the intention of which was including kratom in the controlled substances list. One of their reasons behind adding kratom to it was that medical examiners had found it in the blood of 23 opiate overdose victims.

Various kratom supporters indicated that this is misleading information. Many use kratom to bet opioid addiction. Therefore, claiming that kratom was the cause of death isn’t actually accurate.

In 2017, the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) registered nearly 50,000 deaths due to opioid overdose and about 70,000 deaths due to different prescription drug overdose. The number had risen almost over a decade. Meanwhile, the FDA attributes only 44 deaths to kratom. And even those are based on questionable data.

However, kratom advocates launched a number of petitions such as this to keep kratom legal in North Carolina.

Consequently, the North Carolina Senate decided to keep kratom legal. However, they set an age limit for those who want to purchase it. As a result, kratom is legal in North Carolina for people who are over 18.

Where to Buy Kratom in North Carolina?

North Carolina natives and visitors who are over the age of 18 can buy kratom in smoke and vape shops as well as in some smoke stores.

Yet, we advise you that you choose to buy kratom online from reputable and trustworthy kratom vendors. Thus, you have a higher chance of buying kratom that is high quality, fresh, pure, and comes at a more reasonable price.

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