Is Kratom Legal in Michigan in 2021?

is kratom legal in michigan

The state of Michigan borders four of the Great Lakes and has 11,000 inland lakes. You can even buy merchandise such as tote bags and T-Shirts with the slogan “Land of 11,000 Lakes”.

Its largest city, Detroit, is home to the headquarters of three large car companies: Ford Motor, General Motors, and Chrysler. Therefore, many refer to Detroit as The Motor City or The Car Capital of the World.

Is the land of 11,000 lakes kratom-friendly?

Is Kratom Legal in Michigan?

Kratom is legal in Michigan. In 2014, Michigan authorities received a bill that urged banning kratom, but it did not pass. In 2018, there was activity against kratom but no legal action took place.

First of all, there was a bill in 2014 that aimed to include kratom in the controlled substances act. The aim of this bill was to amend the Schedule V list and include kratom in it.

Over 1,700 people signed a petition to keep kratom legal in Michigan. Eventually, the bill died.

Almost simultaneously, the same person sponsored another bill. Its objective was to prohibit kratom sales to minors. However, it died, as well.

Kratom remained legal.

Nonetheless, at the end of 2017 and in 2018, a variety of Kent County residents were speaking against kratom.

It all started with Eric Genautis, a young man who allegedly died in his sleep due to acute kratom toxicity. Medical examiners tied his death to kratom despite his prior opioid addiction.

Eric had previously suffered in a car accident and was taking opioids to numb his pain. He also struggled with depression and anxiety.

In 2018, 4 more deaths were attributed to kratom. As a result, Gedautis’s mother and sister started advocating a kratom ban.

A Kent-based medical doctor supported them by claiming that kratom had opioid-like properties that caused respiratory depression and eventually caused breathing to stop.

It’s sad that a person with medical education and background issued such claims with no scientific proof. Especially that the Kratom 8-Factor Analysis from 2017 clearly stated that kratom caused low respiratory depression and had not caused any deaths.

At the moment, there are no bills or pending legislation to ban kratom though.

Hopefully, UF College of Pharmacy is going to find more proof of the beneficial properties of kratom through their research.

We need more scientifically-proven non-biased information on kratom so that people like the aforementioned doctor do not use their education and position to spread false claims misrepresenting kratom.

A New Bill to Schedule Kratom in 2019

On August 20th, 2019, a Republican Senator who also is a medical doctor by profession introduced a bill with an intent to schedule kratom. If it passes, kratom will become a Schedule II drug and will require a doctor’s prescription.

He explained his decision by stating that kratom is addictive and dangerous and that its side effects include seizures, psychosis, and hallucinations. He added that those who would like to transition from opioids with the help of kratom should do so with the help of a qualified professional.

Where to Buy Kratom in Michigan?

One can buy kratom in spoke, vape, and head shops across Michigan. However, if you are a Michiganite, we do not recommend that you buy kratom there.

While it may be a quicker option, many local businesses do not have the necessary knowledge on kratom. They often advertise it incorrectly to boost sales. This contributes to people believing that kratom is a deadly drug.

Instead, buy kratom online from trustworthy vendors who follow ethical practices and test their products for quality and purity in independent 3rd-party laboratories.

For more recent information and an updated map on kratom legality across the United States, check out this blog post

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    Is there another petition i can sign right now to stop the legislation from being passed? I do not want kratom to be considered schedule II. This is supposed to be a free country but that is the biggest lie americans are brainwashed to believe. Keep kratom out of the governments business. They have no right telling us what we take in our own bodies! Its communism!

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