Is Kratom Legal in Arizona in 2023?

Is Kratom Legal in Arizona

Arizona is the state you may recognize for the Wave, its stunning sandstone rock formations, and iconic saguaro cacti.

That’s because the former is a popular hiking destination. Meanwhile, the Sonoran Desert of Arizona is the only place in America where the latter grow. Saguaro cacti grow very slowly, can live to 150 or 200 years, and can reach over 40 feet in height.

Arizona prides itself on 22 national parks and monuments. The Grand Canyon is the most popular of them and is also one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

However, let’s look into kratom legality in Arizona.

Is Kratom Legal in Arizona?

Kratom is legal in Arizona. In 2014, there was an intent to ban kratom, but it was left out of the bill. In late April 2019, Arizona passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act which regulates kratom in the state.

The Arizona Senate reviewed a bill that intended to add synthetic substances to the controlled substances act in 2014. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine were among the substances to be added.

Since pure kratom is a 100% natural plant product, this would have been an incorrect representation of it. Kratom supporters petitioned against it but did not gather many votes.

Luckily, the authorities removed kratom before passing the bill.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act

In 2019, Arizona along with a few other states reconsidered its stance on kratom. It passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. in April 2019.

According to this bill, kratom vendors must:

  • not sell contaminated kratom products or products adulterated with non-kratom substances that can be dangerous or alter the potency of kratom properties,
  • not sell kratom products that contain dangerous, poisonous, or scheduled substances,
  • abstain from selling kratom products that contain synthetic kratom alkaloids or other kratom compounds,
  • not sell products that contain 7-hydroxymitragynine content above 2% of the total alkaloid content,
  • provide labels revealing the content of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragyne present in the kratom products,
  • only sell kratom products to individuals who have reached the age of18,
  • be guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor (up to four months of jail or fine of no more than $750) in the case of violating the Arizona Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

is legal only for individuals over 18 and the state regulates its sales, production, distribution, and labeling.

In February 2021, Republican representative Leo Biasiucci introduced a new bill with an intent to amend the Arizona Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This bill aims to:

  • replace the common term “dealer” used in KCPAs to refer to kratom vendors, processors, and distributors with a more positive term “retailer,”
  • prohibit financial institutions such and banks and credit card processors from refusing or terminating vendors who engage in kratom sales,
  • prohibit state agencies from being able to take any enforcement action such as seizing kratom products unless the US DEA classifies kratom as a Schedule I drug.

Where to Buy Kratom in Arizona?

Arizona natives and visitors can buy kratom in tobacco and herb shops across the state. Most of them are in Phoenix, but a few other locations in Arizona offer kratom too

In addition to that, there are also vending machines where customers can buy kratom.

While these are convenient and fast ways of getting kratom and implementing the Kratom Consumer Protection Act would reduce or eliminate the risk of contamination, there are certain benefits when customers buy kratom online.

Kratom from online vendors, especially ones who, like us, import kratom from the source, is usually higher-quality and more affordable. There are fewer people and steps involved in the process, so kratom is much fresher when it gets to the buyer.

Online vendors may also offer loyalty programs such as collecting points as well as regular discounts which can make buying kratom even more cost-efficient.

If you found this information useful, bookmark our kratom legality across the U.S. We regularly update it, and it also has a kratom legality map that’ll serve as an easy reference on kratom legality in the United States.

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