Is Kratom Legal in Nevada in 2022?

Is kratom legal in Nevada

Nevada is the state that most know because of gambling and Las Vegas. Yet, it was actually silver that initially attracted people to the state. The discovery of silver in Comstock Lodge in the mid-19th century led to a silver rush. That’s also when the popularity of the state rapidly increased.

Nevada is a state of extremes. Its name comes from the Spanish word “nieve” and means “snow-capped”. It’s a reference to the Sierra Nevada mountain range that spans across the states of California and Nevada.

You may expect a state with lots of snow. Yet, it’s not the case. Nevada is actually the driest state in the U.S. It’s also home to the Mohave Desert.

Nevada has a liberal approach to many topics. For instance, it has neither individual income tax nor corporate income tax. It is also possible to buy alcohol 24/7 from bars, stores, and restaurants.

What about the status of kratom in Nevada?

Is Kratom Legal in Nevada?

Kratom is legal in Nevada. In June 2019, Nevada passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. As a result, kratom is available to anyone over 18. The sales, possession, distribution, and manufacture of contaminated or adulterated kratom are illegal and punishable by law.

On June 6, 2019, Nevada authorities enacted the KPCA making it the 4th U.S. state to regulate kratom products. The new regulations prohibit kratom to individuals under the age of 18.

Moreover, anyone selling, preparing, distributing, advertising, or offering kratom may not offer for sale products that contain contaminants or adulterants that may affect the safety of its buyers. Kratom products also need to carry labels that clearly state their ingredients as well as directions for safe and effective use.

Any person or vendor that violates the Nevada KCPA is subject to a civil penalty of up t $1,000 for each violation.

As a Nevada-based kratom business, we are particularly glad about the decision to regulate kratom. This does not only keep kratom legal in Nevada and reduce the risks for buyers but also positively affects our reputation as a vendor. Ever since we entered the industry, we made sure that all our products pass the tests necessary to ensure their quality or purity. However, a state-wide regulation gives our buyers another layer of trust.

Where to Buy Kratom in Nevada

Kratom is available for sale in tobacco and vaporizer stores in multiple locations in the state. Since Nevada has chosen in favor of the KCPA, it significantly lowers the risks for buyers who choose to buy kratom locally.

However, it is usually more affordable and advantageous to buy kratom online. Since Kraoma is Nevada-based, the KCPA applies to us too.

If you’d like to give us a try, take a look at our inventory or get free samples.

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