Is Kratom Legal in Nevada in 2023?

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Yes! Kratom is legal in the state of Nevada. Along with several other states, Nevada passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) in June of 2019. This legislation makes kratom products available to anyone over the age of 18 in regions where KCPA rules apply.

If you’re wondering if kratom is legal in Nevada, chances are you’re also curious if kratom is legal in Las Vegas, specifically. No regional kratom regulations have been enacted in Las Vegas or the surrounding Clark County. The KCPA rules governing the sale and possession of kratom apply across the State of Nevada.

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The Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA)

The KCPA is the result of ongoing advocacy from industry associations, consumer groups, and kratom enthusiasts across the United States. This landmark piece of legislation is primarily concerned with protecting kratom consumers by establishing safety guidelines and best practices for manufacturing. You can read Nevada’s version of the Act online.

Kratom in Nevada is subject to KCPA rules which can be summarized as follows:

  • Kratom products cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18
  • Kratom products cannot be sold if they have been significantly changed or adulterated from their natural state
  • Kratom products must be sold with labels that clearly set forth their ingredients and instructions for safe usage
  • A scientific definition of kratom is provided
  • Punishments for violators are outlined

Nevada’s Ongoing History with Kratom

As a Nevada-based kratom business, we at Kraoma were thrilled when the KCPA was passed by our state legislature in 2019. We have been serving the kratom community since 2014, and had to deal with an apprehensive FDA prior to the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Now that it is recognized and fully legal in Nevada, kratom powder, capsules, and other products can be purchased safely at tobacco and vaporizer shops in Las Vegas and other cities across the state.

In the spring of 2022, the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy conducted an online hearing that aimed to reconsider kratom’s legal status within the state. Concerned parties were exploring the idea of listing kratom products as a Schedule I controlled substance at that time. Thanks to advocacy and scientific studies confirming kratom’s status as a low-risk substance, the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy did not proceed with listing kratom as a Schedule I substance.

Nevadans use kratom to relieve discomfort and maintain wellness. Kraoma believes in the value of our products, and will continue to advocate for safe, legal kratom use whether it is in Las Vegas, Nevada or anywhere else in the United States. As the status of kratom in the US evolves over time, you can trust Kraoma as a reliable source for the latest news on changing laws and legislation.

Kratom is Legal in Nevada – What About the Surrounding States?

If you’re traveling to Nevada from another state or are making your way across state borders in the region, you should educate yourself on the status of kratom in the states you are passing through. Each state has its own history of kratom legislation. To help you plan your travels, we’ve summarized the legal status of kratom in the states around Nevada:


  • Kratom is legal in the State of Oregon. There have been attempts made to further regulate or even ban kratom at the state level, but so far none of these pieces of legislation have passed.


  • Kratom is legal in Idaho. Like in Oregon, attempts have been made in the state legislature to pass bills that regulate kratom. None of these have passed yet and the KCPA has not been adopted, meaning kratom is legal but unregulated in the state of Idaho.


  • Kratom is legal in California, with the important exception of the City of San Diego. Kratom products can be purchased throughout most of the state, but the City of San Diego voted to ban kratom outright in 2016. The ban does not apply to the surrounding San Diego County.


  • Kratom is legal in the State of Utah. The KCPA was adopted by the Utah State Legislature, so kratom enjoys the same status there as it does in Nevada.


  • Kratom is legal in Arizona. Like Utah and Nevada, the KCPA was approved by Arizona’s lawmakers.

Always Buy Premium Quality, Lab Tested Kratom

You can plan your next trip to Las Vegas confident that kratom is legal and available in Nevada. If you are purchasing from retail locations, always ensure the kratom products are KCPA compliant and lab tested for purity. Consider going with an established online retailer if you enjoy kratom on a regular basis and want to save on bulk purchases.

Kraoma is based in Nevada, and our products are 100% KCPA compliant. Learn more by visiting our FAQ page.

Fresh and consistently potent kratom powder in a bowl available for purchase with text about its qualities

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