How to Become a Kratom Advocate and Support Kratom?

Become a kratom advocate

Kratom advocates are the people who continuously spread the positive word about kratom and work to ensure that kratom remains legal.

On multiple occasions, kratom advocates have made a massive difference by preventing bans from occurring or persuading the authorities to look deeper into kratom and choose a decision that the kratom community would benefit from the most.

You can find kratom advocates both online and offline. However, they tend to be the most active on social media, forums, and blogs. These individuals aim to spread accurate and science-backed information on the herb to the public. Often, they also share their positive experiences with the herb.

In the states that have opted for the Kratom Consumer Protection Act to take action, kratom advocates also have made a difference. They have taken part in hearings as well as other actions in support of their favorite herb.

If you, too, would like to make a difference and support the kratom community, you can also become a kratom advocate. So, how can you do that?

How to Become a Kratom Advocate?

1. Start Small

If you have only recently made a decision to become a kratom advocate, approaching your state legislators with your concerns can be extremely intimidating.

Therefore, you can start small. Talk to your family and friends about your experience with the herb and bring up some science-backed data, such as the Kratom 8-Factor Analysis, to support your points. You can also recommend them to watch A Leaf of Faith, a documentary on kratom.

The movie discusses the opioid crisis and shows a variety of scientists working on kratom as well as different events related to kratom legality. The movie is available on YouTube. You can even watch it together and later discuss it together.

While this may seem like an insignificant move to support the legality of kratom, it can actually be more powerful than you may think. Sadly, many family members and friends of those who buy kratom have very limited or no information about the herb.

2. Continuously Educate Yourself

Make sure to keep tabs on what is going on in the kratom world. This will ensure that you are informed about any new developments or incidents and can give educated responses in debates about kratom.

To do so, you can subscribe to the newsletter from the American Kratom Association and the Botanical Education Alliance as well as set up Google alerts on kratom. This will minimize the risk that you accidentally miss an important event or news update.

3. Stay Active on Social Media, Forums, and Blogs

You can join social media groups, comment on posts, form entries and blog posts, sharing your experience and positive information about kratom.

You can also respond to negative comments about kratom, educating people on why they are not correct. Make sure not to start social media battles but rather remain civil and polite. There is already plenty of negative information and negatively biased opinions on kratom. Anything that you do when you become a  kratom advocate can affect the public’s opinion on the herb and, consequently, its legality.

Commenting on blog posts can help them rank better. If you come across a great article, let the author know. This can improve their visibility on search engines and help reach an even wider audience.

You can also offer to share your story. Even if you remain anonymous or ask your name to be changed, your story can still help others.

4. Choose with Your Dollars

Your kratom purchases matter. So, make sure that you have selected a reliable vendor who cares about their customers, sourced from a reliable supplier, and lab tests their products. Look into what they do to support the kratom legality and whether they do anything that would endanger the reputation of kratom.

By choosing trustworthy vendors can help us establish a much healthier industry with fewer or no bad players.

5. Talk to Your State Legislators

If you are ready to take your kratom advocacy a step further, you can contact your state legislators and share your kratom story with them. This is especially important if there is pending legislation in your state, county, or city. Your actions can help keep kratom legal.

It’s important to dress and look professional and remain respectful and polite when you do so.

If you’re unsure how to talk or what to talk about, the American Kratom Association has put together an advocacy toolkit that breaks down all of that and more. You can access the Kratom Advocacy Toolkit here.

Advocating for kratom during the times of COVID isn’t quite the same. Check here what you can do.

Would you like to become a kratom advocate? What drives you and why?

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