9 Ways to Support Kratom Vendors during the Pandemic

How to support kratom vendors during COVID-19

Many small businesses are suffering throughout the pandemic. Reduced cash flow combined with the need to cover expenses such as rent of commercial property and payroll has caused many businesses to close either temporarily or permanently, and more are expected to suffer. Kratom vendors are not immune to the effects of the pandemic on the economy; so, if you’d like to ensure that they survive and remain operational, it’s a good idea to support kratom vendors whom you like and trust.

Below are several ways in which you can do that.

How to Support Kratom Vendors during the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Buy Kratom Online

While many local businesses such as smoke and vape shops offer kratom for sale, we advise that you shift toward online kratom vendors instead.

First of all, buying kratom online is a much more economical option, which also enables you to get fresh and higher quality kratom. A number of kratom vendors import kratom directly from the source as opposed to local vendors who buy it from a middleman. So, fresh kratom reaches you sooner and for a lower price due to less time and fewer people involved in the process.

Additionally, businesses such as smoke shops usually offer multiple products and can still bring in sales. Kratom specific online vendors depend solely on kratom sales. So, if you’d like them to remain in business, make sure to buy from them.

This also enables kratom-specific online vendors to get new inventory from their farmers and distributors, keeping them in business and the kratom supply chain active and online.

2. Order Kratom for a Friend

If you are not in need of kratom or if you are ordering your next kratom batch, you can add an extra bag for a friend or relative that may benefit from the herb. This will provide larger income for the vendor, and you can take advantage of discounts for bulk orders, or save by ordering discount bundles.

3. Buy in Advance

If you still have some kratom left, we encourage you to buy it in advance. First of all, because it may take longer to ship due to the pandemic. Even if your order ships the same day, it may not arrive when expected due to delays that may have nothing to do with the vendor but rather the shipping company.

Moreover, it can also ensure that your money reaches the vendor sooner, helping them remain operational.

Keep any kratom that you do not yet need in its original unopened packaging until you need it. Once you open it, make sure to store your kratom properly, preferably in small airtight containers.

4. Connect on Social Media and Show Some Love

If you have ordered your kratom in advance for yourself and your loved ones, follow your favorite vendor on social media and like and comment on their posts. Kratom vendors cannot advertise on social media. So, they need to reach potential buyers organically through their website and social media.

Due to the way social media algorithms are structured, this will allow the vendor’s content to show up for relevant people, thus helping them reach more people. You can also find their blog and comment on their posts to improve their visibility.

5. Leave Reviews

Loved a product and would absolutely order more? Let me vendor and others know by leaving reviews on their products or recommending the vendor in online forums or social media groups. Buyers trust other buyers, and this can help direct more people to your favorite vendor, helping them make more sales and keeping them and their suppliers in business.

We advise that you don’t lower your rating due to shipping times, but focus on the product quality and service. Shipping times aren’t something that vendors can control, and blaming a vendor for those would be unfair.

6. Refer a Friend

Do you know someone who may benefit from having kratom in their life? Or perhaps someone who is looking for quality kratom? Refer them to your favorite kratom vendor.

Pro tip: don’t just tell them: “Hey, I know of this amazing vendor that you may like!” You can support kratom vendors and actually benefit from it. Many vendors offer referral programs that offer discounts. While we can’t speak for other vendors, we offer both you and your friend to get a discount if they shop with your referral link.

Check out your favorite vendor’s products and see if there is a “Refer a Friend” option. It should provide you with more details on what you should do next.

7. Support Kratom Petitions

Even though much of the legislative process is slow or dormant, you can use this time to sign and support any kratom petitions in your area or beyond. You can Google them or take a look through our kratom legality posts about open petitions or legislation.

Can’t find a valuable petition to sign? You can always start your own to help keep kratom legal and accessible to as many people as possible.

8. Donate to the AKA

The American Kratom Association has helped keep kratom legal through multiple initiatives, such as the Kratom Consumer Protection Act and Good Manufacturing Practices program. The AKA is a non-profit organization that uses donations to push and lobby its initiatives to individual states.

So, if you’d like to make a difference with your dollar, you can also donate to the AKA. It may not act and use your money right away, but rest assured it will do, when the pandemic is no longer an immediate threat.

9. Reach Out and Ask How you May Be Able to Help

If you have done everything you possibly could to support kratom vendors but are itching to do more, why not simply message your favorite vendor and ask if they need any help from individuals like you. Even if they are too busy to get back to you right away, knowing that kratom lovers and buyers like you are there to support, can make a huge difference to their morale.

Keep in mind that we’re in this together, and we need each other’s help to power through this challenging time.

If you are in search of a kratom vendor, take a look at our inventory. We import fresh and high-quality kratom directly from experienced kratom vendors, test all our products, and comply with the Nevada Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Our discount bundles and loyalty program allow you to save while you buy potent and fresh quality kratom.

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