4 Benefits of Trying Free Kratom Samples

If you are a new or less experienced kratom buyer, committing to a larger order may be risky. You may not purchase the right kratom or discover that the vendor you bought kratom from isn’t the right for you. This may lead to you spending a large sum of money on a product that may never leave your shelf. If that is how you feel, free kratom samples may be just what you need.

What Are Free Kratom Samples?

Free kratom samples are small amounts of kratom that allow buyers to experiment with different veins and strains. While kratom comes for free, vendors usually ask you to cover the shipping costs. Those are minimal and under 10 USD.

Why do vendors ask you to pay shipping fees if samples are supposed to be free?

Since kratom powder is a rather pricey product, free samples are technically a business loss for the vendors. Keep in mind that legitimate kratom vendors import raw kratom powder from farmers in Indonesia.

Since hygiene standards and testing in Indonesia aren’t at the same level as they are in the USA, US-based vendors must test every batch in third-party independent laboratories. This prevents any contaminated, adulterated, moist, or old product reaching the customers.

Then, trustworthy vendors discard all the kratom that is not fit for sale. This, however, is a business loss that vendors also need to cover.

So, shipping fees are simply a guarantee for vendors that they are not losing even more profits. They are also not keeping any of the fee money as that goes directly to the shipping providers.

Shipping fees are also a commitment guarantee for kratom vendors. This way, buyers do not take advantage of them.

Benefits of Getting Free Kratom Samples

1. Learn about New Strains and Vein Types

If you are relatively new to kratom, free samples can be a great way to stretch your kratom horizon and get to know new varieties. You can either choose vein types that you are less experienced with or dive into new strains.

Trying samples can also be beneficial if you’ve been buying the same variety of kratom for some time and would like to try something new. Sometimes, vendors introduce new strains into their inventory. Free samples can be a great way of trying those without making a commitment to purchase a larger batch.

2. Get to Know the Quality of Vendor Services

When you order kratom, you want it to be delivered as soon as possible. It is also beneficial to have a vendor who responds to customer queries and provides high-quality customer service.

By ordering free kratom samples, you can assess the quality of the vendor’s services and determine whether you’d be happy with them in the long term.

3. Make Sure that You’re Getting the Right Product

There are many kratom varieties, and without prior experience, it can be hard to determine what’s right for you. By getting free kratom samples first, you can test various strains and veins and find the best ones for you.

4. Determine if the Price Is Right

Since kratom is a natural product, the quality of kratom products varies from one vendor to another. Since there are no regulations, many kratom vendors offer kratom that is inconsistent in quality. This is especially true with vendors who provide kratom for lower prices.

Since their profit margins are considerably lower, they are more likely to sell kratom that is old, not potent, or otherwise inferior in quality. When you try samples, you can get a better idea of what quality you can expect from a vendor and if that the price that they expect for it.

Before You Get Kratom Samples

Keep in mind that you must remain cautious if you get samples, too. It’s not uncommon for bad players to scam buyers or offer contaminated, adulterated, or moist kratom. Make sure to properly vet and choose whom you get kratom samples from.

If possible, choose vendors based in states that have already passed their version of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. These vendors must comply with regulations that prevent them from selling bad or contaminated kratom.

Trying kratom samples can be beneficial for new and experienced kratom buyers alike. At Kraoma, we offer any two 10-gram kratom samples for free with you needing to only cover the shipping costs. We lab-test each batch and comply with the Nevada Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

If you are already a returning customer, you can also try new kratom samples. Feel free to add a free sample with each order that you place.

Ready to try kratom samples? Check out what we have in stock.

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