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BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Save 30% Off on all orders with code: SAVE30. All orders will ship Tuesday 11/28.
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Kraoma has been a leader in the online retail space for kratom products since 2014. Long-time customers and folks who are new to kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) trust Kraoma for the best sale prices on premium kratom products. If you want to sample top shelf strains, our 120g Mix & Match deal is the best way to try different varieties of our best kratom at a discounted price.

Save Big on Top Shelf Strains

Our top shelf strains are ethically sourced from harvesters in Indonesia and Malaysia. We have worked with Mitragyna speciosa farmers in the region for almost ten years and enjoy preferential pricing that allows us to offer unique sales and discounts to our customers.

With our 120g Mix & Match deal, you can purchase two 60g bags of our top shelf kratom strains. You’ll save 25% buying top shelf strains this way – compared to buying the same strains as individual 60g bags. Based on our market research, this is the best price available for top shelf kratom powder offered by online retailers.

High Quality, Lab-Tested Mitragyna Speciosa for Sale

Members of the kratom community know about the varied effects that can be achieved with different varieties of kratom. Our top shelf strains range from Green Maeng Da, which promotes energy and productivity, to the milder White Borneo which is ideal for newcomers. We offer eight varieties of top shelf kratom powder, and we encourage customers to sample different strains to see which offer the best effects.

By mixing and matching different strains, you’ll get the best prices on individual bags of the highest quality kratom powder available in the United States. New users can take advantage of this offer to sample different strains, and regular kratom buyers can combine strains to create entirely new effects.

Weight 132 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Edwin Acosta
Los mejor de todos!

Es el mejor kratom. Si! El mejor de todos compania!

Amy Frey
Amazing Kratom

The Top Shelf 120 gram Mix and Match is always a great choice. Great way to buy more. Love Kraoma!

120g Mix & Match (Top Shelf)
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