Red Horn Kratom Review: Rare, Smooth, and Highly Potent

Red Horn Kratom Review

Red Horn Kratom is a relatively rare red vein kratom strain. While it does belong to the Mitragyna speciosa species, this variation, however, is visually slightly different. These visual differences are also the reason for the rarity of this strain, its unique properties, as well as common scams.

Let’s dive in and learn more a little more about this unique red variety.

What Is Red Horn Kratom?

As a kratom enthusiast, you may have noticed that kratom strains carry names of the geographic locations they are indigenous to. It’s not the case with Red Horn kratom, though. This strain is named after its shape instead.

While other Mitragyna speciosa varieties have smooth sides of leaves, Horn Kratom leaves have spikes along their edges that resemble horns. Thus, farmers and buyers refer to this strain as Red Horn or Red Horned Leaf Kratom.

Contrary to other strains, this variety is scarce. That is because it grows in small numbers. Moreover, not all leaves of this variety have horns, just those that are mature. Traditional farmers believe that horned leaves have more potency than regular leaves. It makes this strain even rarer.

The problem is that not all kratom farmers are honest about it. Due to the quickly growing popularity of Mitragyna speciosa, the number of kratom vendors has increased too. Many farmers who have worked with other crops and have no prior experience with kratom harvesting and production of powder have switched to the herb to increase their profits.

As a result, plenty of them, mix in non-horned leaves along with the horned ones. This results in higher quantities, yet not the same effects that you can expect from authentic Red Horn Kratom.

The Review of Red Horn Kratom Properties

You’ll come across numerous sources that review Red Horn Kratom labeling as an “unpredictable strain” and stating that effects can vary. Well, they would indeed vary if other types of leaves are mixed in with authentic Red Horn Kratom leaves, wouldn’t they? So, don’t be fooled.

The effects of authentic Red Horn Kratom are akin to those you can expect from red vein strains. These are:

1. Potent Soothing of Pain

The aroma of Red Vein Horn Kratom can help one to relax and be more successful at managing strong pain.

2. Anxiety and Stress Relief

The strong relaxing properties of Red Horn Kratom can help one ease stress and anxiety. As a slow strain, it is better suited for the late afternoon and evening. Some buyers, however, prefer smaller amounts of this strain for mild anxiety and stress relieving properties and some stimulating properties during the daytime.

3. Improved Sleep

Improved ability to manage pain as well as reduced stress and anxiety can help one have better sleep. It can be easier to fall and stay asleep as a result. Moreover, a better night’s rest can have a better effect on being able to handle stress and anxiety the next day.

How Our Buyers Review Our Red Horn Kratom

Red Horn Mitragyna speciosa is among some of our top strains. Let’s see what our buyers have to say about this strain:

  • “Perfectly relaxing in the evening with an undercurrent of energy if you are keeping yourself active. Great for night time relaxation! Couldn’t recommend it more.”
  • “One of the best, if not the best, reds I’ve ever had! Definitely smooth! This is one I plan to order regularly after I try out the other products they offer.”
  • “The Red Horn has turned out to be one of mine and my husband’s favorites. This red type has been what we turn to for the best results. This is a top-notch company and the best packing and shipping, I have to say I look forward to the smiley faces on my receipt every time. Kraoma is still the best I have found around a year later, I’ll only shop here.”
  • “Awesome red horn. Very fine consistency, excellent quality. I am guessing that Kraoma has to do a lot of extra footwork to have all of these different strains available for such respectable prices.”
  • “The best Red Horn Kratom that I’ve come across. I wish I had known about this store a lot sooner! I’ve purchased this a couple times now and I couldn’t be happier with the product, the speedy delivery, and the wonderful customer service.”

When it comes to Red Horn Kratom, it is important to select a trustworthy vendor to get authentic powder of this strain.

At Kraoma, we only source Red Horn Kratom from trusted farmers who’ve been in the kratom trade for generations. Upon importing it, we lab test each batch to ensure quality and purity. Third-party kratom lab tests can also determine whether a strain is authentic or not based on the alkaloid profile.

If you’d like to give our company a shot, try a free Red Horn sample first. If you are ready to get it right away, you can buy Red Horn Kratom here, or mix and match this red with another strain of your choice and save as you do so using our discount bundles.

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