5 Kratom Products You Can Craft at Home

Kratom Products

Skincare products and other wellness goods we use at home contain a significant amount of herbal products. Mitragyna speciosa isn’t one of the most popular herbs among them, and while there is a niche of kratom wellness products available for sale, most are hand-crafted.

If you have some spare time and are considering new ways of unitizing the powder reserves you have at home, here are a few ideas of kratom crafts that you can try.

Kratom Products You Can Make at Home

1. Kratom Soap

Soap is among the most popular kratom skincare products. Due to its beneficial soothing properties and gritty, abrasive texture, Mitragyna speciosa can add additional benefits to the skin when added to soap. These include:

  • Eliminating dead skin cells,
  • Improved complexion,
  • Reducing dark skin patches,
  • Reducing itchy skin patches,
  • More even tone of the skin.

Mitragyna speciosa has a variety of beneficial alkaloids and other compounds with antibacterial properties. Moreover, one of the compounds in kratom called rhamnose has potentially anti-aging properties.

Another noteworthy benefit of homemade kratom soap is its natural ingredients. Most commercial soaps contain harmful chemicals that can be damaging to one’s health, especially due to long term exposure. That is not the case with soaps that come from natural ingredients such as lye and glycerin.

Moreover, when you make kratom soap you can add additional ingredients such as essential oils to get additional benefits for your wellbeing.

2. Kratom Salve

Muscle pain and soreness can result from strenuous exercise. This is because training or other experiences cause microscopic tears in the muscles.

Moreover, as the body breaks down glucose to produce energy, it releases lactic acid. Its accumulation creates the sore and burning feeling you may experience after exercise.

In addition to that, muscle tension can also happen due to prolonged stress and anxiety.

These forms of muscle discomfort can last for several days or even longer, especially in the case of stress-related muscle tension.

Since these can cause a great amount of discomfort, you may be interested in natural ways of relieving tat to feel better.

Kratom salve may be an answer to that. Since kratom has alkaloids with soothing and pain-relieving properties, it can have a beneficial effect on the sore and tense areas. And similarly to soap and other kratom products, you can craft it using all-natural ingredients such as beeswax and essential oils with soothing properties.

Since red vein kratom strains have the strongest soothing properties, choose your favorite red strain to craft your own kratom salve.

3. Kratom Bath Bombs

Baths have many beneficial effects and are frequently used as a means of relaxation. So, why not amplify the beneficial properties of a warm bath by adding bath bombs form kratom and other natural ingredients.

Bath bombs are surprisingly easy to craft, and you can store them for months. If you have a kratom lover among your family and friends, kratom bath bombs can also make great gifts.

Depending on your mood, you can make kratom bombs from a variety of kratom strains. If you are stressed and anxious after a long work-day, you can add red vein kratom to your bath bombs, which you can supplement with lavender essential oil. If, however, you feel drained, then you may want to opt for a white vein kratom bath bomb with peppermint or orange essential oils. Green vein kratom strains are best for a well-rounded experience.

4. Kratom Face Mask

Due to the beneficial properties of kratom on the skin, you can add it to face masks and leave it on your skin for a while longer.

Kratom contains compounds like flavonoids, polyphenols, and catechins. These are similar to compounds found in green tea. Kratom possesses some antimicrobial and anti-oxidant properties, which could be potentially beneficial in soothing skin rashes and inflammation.

You can either add a few grams of Mitragyna speciosa to a face mask you already have or make your own using natural ingredients lie honey and oatmeal that you may already have at home.

Since kratom has a rough texture and does not dissolve in liquids, it can give your skin a gentle scrub as you wash the face mask off.

5. Kratom Candles

Lastly, you can enjoy the aroma of this beneficial herb by lighting a kratom candle. Most commercially available candles contain harmful chemicals rather than wax. So, a homemade candle can be a great way of getting a candlelit experience without exposing yourself to toxins.

Candles are relatively simple to make at home and require minimal equipment. You can choose strains based on the aroma you wish to create. Red strains will be more soothing, while whites can be vitalizing. When in doubt, you can also select green or yellow kratom for a balanced experience.

You can craft kratom candles using raw powder or make your own kratom extract and use that.

Other Kratom Products

In addition to the above, you can infuse a wide variety of beauty products with kratom. Yet, it may be more beneficial to make kratom extract first as that can blend smoother with various skin products.

If you are ready to begin crafting your own kratom products, take a look at the strains we have in stock. All kratom we offer for sale is fresh, consistent, and potent. We lab test all our products at an independent laboratory to ensure all our kratom products are pure and potent.

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