Kratom Legality: Is Kratom Legal in Hawaii in 2020?

Is Kratom Legal in Hawaii

Hawaii, or Hawai’i in Hawaiian, is the newest state in the United States. It is the only US state that consists solely of islands, as well as the only state that grows coffee.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is the most isolated population center on the entire planet. California is the closest location, with 2,390 miles in between both states.

Hawaii has its own time zone. It is responsible for one-third of pineapple production in the world, and most macadamia nuts come from this state too.

The Big Island of Hawaii is home to Mauna Kea, the world’s tallest mountain if measured from its base at the ocean floor as well the most active and largest volcano in the world. It also has the world’s largest telescope and the largest number of scientific observatories in the world.

Hawaii is a popular tourist destination. However, is it as welcoming to kratom as it is to tourists?

Is Kratom Legal in Hawaii?

Kratom is currently legal in Hawaii. Nonetheless, there is pending legislation to make the two primary alkaloids in kratom Schedule V drugs.

Up until 2020, there was no legislation to ban kratom in Hawaii. However, this changed in January 2020.

Seven Democrat candidates sponsored a bill that intends to ban kratom and make kratom a Schedule V drug. The authors of this bill refer to kratom as a detrimental drug. Their reasons for scheduling kratom are the following:

  • The DEA considers the herb a drug of concern,
  • The FDA states that there is no evidence that kratom has beneficial properties,
  • According to NIDA, kratom abuse is on the rise.

They have listed kratom alkaloids as hallucinogenic drugs under Schedule V.

Unfortunately, they’ve chosen to ignore facts that speak in favor of kratom, such as:

  • Millions of kratom buyers across the United States report better quality of life due to kratom,
  • NIDA has sponsored two grants to study the beneficial properties of kratom,
  • Throughout centuries, there has been no documented public health threat caused by kratom anywhere in the world,
  • Kratom is often inaccurately labeled as a hallucinogenic or a ”legal high” by head shops to drive more sales.

It appears that there is much misinformation about kratom in Hawaii, which can lead to inaccurate scheduling of the herb. If you live in Hawaii and would like to keep kratom legal, it may be an excellent time to become a kratom advocate and spread accurate information about kratom.

Make sure to keep an ear out for any public hearings in which you can voice your opinion and support for kratom.

Where to Buy Kratom in Hawaii?

As kratom is still legal in Hawaii, it is available in smoke and vape shops across the state. Nonetheless,  certain risks are involved when buying kratom locally, especially if kratom is unregulated. Therefore, we always suggest choosing trustworthy online vendors instead.

If you would like to buy kratom powder, feel free to check out our selection. You can not only get higher-quality kratom products that come directly from the source but also save with regular discounts, a loyalty program, and discount bundles.

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5 thoughts on “Kratom Legality: Is Kratom Legal in Hawaii in 2020?

  1. Michael says:

    While in general kratom is currently legal in the United States. The sale of kratom to minors under the age of 18 is banned.

  2. Lisa says:

    I hope they do not make it illegal! This is ignorance on the legislation parties part. They are doing an extensive study at the University of Florida as we speak on Kratom. The politicians should be basing their decision on facts not thoughts.

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