New Bill to Regulate Kratom in Oklahoma

Regulate Kratom in Oklahoma

In the past, there has been an intent to ban kratom in Oklahoma. However, due to help from kratom supporters, the efforts to schedule kratom did not succeed. Now, the state is reviewing a new bill. If it passes, Oklahoma will regulate kratom.

On February 3, 2020, Republican Daniel Pae introduced the Oklahoma Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

Why Should Oklahoma Regulate Kratom

Kratom is a raw botanical product. Contrary to many popular claims, it’s not an opioid, but rather a plant from the coffee family. Most kratom available in America comes from Indonesia, where safety and hygiene standards are not the same as they are in the US. As a result, kratom powder can become contaminated with harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella.

Because there are no regulations on a federal level, which would ensure the testing and purity of kratom, it remains the responsibility of kratom vendors. While some, like us, diligently lab test each batch and discard any questionable products, not all vendors do that.

As a result, buyers can get access to kratom that is not pure and contains harmful substances.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act contains a set of regulations that aim to provide all American people with easy access to pure kratom products.

What Does the Kratom Consumer Protection Act Do?

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act has a standard version prepared by the American Kratom Association. Each state can amend it to best meet its needs.

Currently, the Oklahoma Kratom Consumer Protection Act intends to accomplish the following:

  • Prohibit the manufacture, distribution, and sales of kratom products that contain hazardous non-kratom substances, scheduled substances, or synthetic alkaloids,
  • Ensure that the amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine is not greater than 2% of the total alkaloid content,
  • Forbid kratom sales to individuals under the age of eighteen,
  • Label all kratom products, disclosing all ingredients as well as the quantities of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine,
  • Enforce fines or imprisonment to any vendors, distributors, or manufacturers that do not comply with the regulations.

If you live in Oklahoma and would like your state to regulate kratom, you can follow the progression of this bill, support the American Kratom Association, attend public hearings, and become a kratom advocate.

Follow our blog on updates about kratom legality in Oklahoma. To learn more about kratom legality in other parts of the United States, please refer to this post.

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