Bill Proposing to Regulate Kratom in Missouri and Another to Ban It

Regulate kratom in Missouri

At this time, kratom is legal in Missouri. Yet, there are no laws or regulations to ensure that its residents get access to pure and high-quality kratom. Moreover, a few counties have considered banning kratom altogether. However, none of them succeeded.

This time around, a new bill may regulate kratom in Missouri

Kratom Consumer Protection Act to Regulate Kratom in Missouri

On January 8, 2020, a new bill, sponsored by Republican representative Phil Christofanelli, was introduced. Phil Christofanelli stated that he had heard numerous people across the state refer to the positive properties of kratom and how it has affected their lives.

This bill intends to revise the “Clean Missouri” amendment and regulate the Mitragyna speciosa herb.

Thus far, it looks promising. The House Committee unanimously approved the bill on January 27, 2020, after which they sent it to full House for the next vote. If that passes, the legislators will send the amendment back to the voters.

Some representatives oppose that, indicating that 62% of the voters already voted positive in 2018, and it would be unfair to have a second voting on the same topic.

Others, however, state that voters would not have an issue to do that once more if they have already shown interest in regulating kratom in Missouri.

What Would This Bill Do?

This bill, also known as the Missouri Kratom Consumer Protection Act, will:

  • Ensure that vendors, manufacturers, and distributors in Missouri will label their kratom products, disclosing all ingredients,
  • Prohibit the sales, manufacture, and distribution of any kratom products that contain synthetic alkaloids or other substances that are either scheduled or hazardous,
  • Ensure that the content of 7-hydroxymitragynine is not higher than 2% of the total kratom alkaloid content,
  • Obligate kratom manufacturers and vendors disclose the levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in their labels,
  • Prohibit the sales of kratom products to individuals under 18,
  • Punish any manufacturers, distributors, or vendors that do not comply with the regulations in the Missouri Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

A Bill to Ban Kratom in Missouri

In addition to the Missouri Kratom Consumer Protection Act, there is another bill that intends to ban the herb. Introduced on January 8, 2020, it intends to amend the Missouri Scheduled Substances list and add kratom as a Schedule I drug.

If you would like to support this bill and ensure that it achieves its goal to regulate kratom in Missouri, you can participate in any public hearings as well as educate those around you. Take a look at how you can become a kratom advocate: every person and even the smallest action matters. To learn more about kratom legality in the United States and see a kratom legality map, go here.

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