Kratom Legality: Is Kratom Legal in Virginia in 2023?

Is kratom legal in Virginia

Named after the “Virgin Queen,” Elizabeth I, Virginia is one of the original 13 colonies. More than half of the Civil War battles happened in the state. Virginia is also where Americans celebrated their first Thanksgiving.

The home base of the United States Navy’s Atlantic Fleet is in Virginia. It’s also where you can find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The Pentagon in Arlington, one of the largest cities in Virginia, is the largest office building in the world. As a result, about a fourth of all Virginia residents work for the US government. That’s more people than in any other industry.

A great number of people also work for the tobacco industry, a major cash crop in the state.

In 2019 and early 2020, the Virginia government passed several bills tightening gun laws in the state. But how does it feel about kratom?

Is Kratom Legal in Virginia?

Kratom is legal in Virginia. However, there is pending legislation that intends to request the Board of Pharmacy whether kratom should be banned in the Commonwealth.

Introduced on January 3, 2020, a new bill requires the Virginia Board of Pharmacy to study Mitragyna speciosa and determine whether the state should ban it or not.

The bill referred to the 91 CDC cases as well as the increased number of calls about kratom to the Poison Center. When we look at the isolated data, it may seem worrying. Yet, if we look at the bigger picture, things are different.

While the 91 people in the CDC report have been exposed to kratom, the CDC could not rule out other substances. Dr. Jack Henningfield, the primary person behind the Kratom 8-Factor Analysis, wrote an extensive letter pointing out the flaws in the report, such as the fact that there was no data on whether kratom was pure.

As per the Poison Control calls, kratom is far from the most worrying product. Cosmetics, personal hygiene, cleaning products, and even nutmeg receive a lot more calls. Moreover, the data comes from verbal reports, which makes their accuracy and credibility questionable.

If the bill succeeds, the Virginia Board of Pharmacy will have to determine:

  1. the number of issues with kratom in the state,
  2. the number of kratom buyers in Virginia,
  3. the benefits of kratom,
  4. costs of adding kratom to the controlled substance list,
  5. how to schedule kratom if the Board of Pharmacy decides to ban it.

Many of the questions arise from a lack of information or misinformation about kratom. It is the time to become a kratom advocate and educate those around you about the herb.

Where to Buy Kratom in Virginia?

Since Kratom is legal in Virginia, it’s available in tobacco and herb shops across the state. Nonetheless, we always recommend buyers to purchase kratom online. Buying from trustworthy specialized vendors increases the chances of getting fresh, high-quality, and lab-tested kratom.

If you are interested in whether kratom is legal in your state, please view this post on kratom legality in the United States.

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