Kratom Legality: Is Kratom Legal in Pennsylvania in 2023?

Is kratom legal in Pennsylvania

One of the original thirteen colonies, Pennsylvania is the sixth populous US state. It’s famous for its cheesesteaks, forests, and chocolate factories. Hershey, a community in Derry Township, is the Chocolate Capital of the World. It offers different attractions, dining options, and, of course, chocolate.

The Independence Hall of Philadelphia was where the Independence Declaration was signed, separating the thirteen colonies from Britain.

The state has the oldest Amish community in the world, as well as the most significant number of Amish communities in the country.

But what role does Pennsylvania play in the kratom world? Let’s find out.

Is Kratom Legal in Pennsylvania?

Kratom is legal in Pennsylvania. However, there is pending legislation that aims to urge the FDA to consider protocols and guidelines for safe access to kratom.

On September 3, 2019, several Democrat and Republican sponsors introduced a bill. Its purpose is to urge the US FDA to rapidly consider guidelines and protocols that would make access to kratom safer.

Efforts to Ban Kratom

This is not the only instance in which kratom attracted the attention of legislators. In spring 2019, Pennsylvania parents pushed a kratom ban after their son allegedly died of kratom.

Caleb Sturgis, a 25-year-old young man, died of a heart attack he had while driving. His parents claimed that it was due to kratom and sued SoCal Herbal Remedies, the company that he purchased kratom from.

Despite this, a former HuffPost journalist following the case indicated that the coroner’s office repeatedly denied him to view detailed autopsy and toxicology test results. He indicated that according to kratom science, it is unlikely or impossible for kratom to be responsible for Sturgis’s death.

Another person on Twitter shared screenshots of Sturgis’s posts on Facebook. In those, he explained his experience with kratom, which was very responsible. He also admitted to using Tianeptine, an anti-depressant, the overdose of which can lead to cardiovascular damage and heart attack.

No legislation to ban kratom currently exists. However, there is a petition requesting the state to implement the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

Where to Buy Kratom in Pennsylvania?

Kratom is a legal substance in Pennsylvania, and it is available in herb and tobacco stores across the state. Nonetheless, we recommend that you purchase kratom from reputable and trustworthy online kratom vendors. Buying kratom online can not only be cheaper but also provide access to higher-quality and fresher kratom.

If you currently live in Pennsylvania and are looking for kratom to buy, please check out our kratom products. We import directly from the source and test each batch at a third-party independent laboratory. Our kratom powder is fresh, potent, and consistent, and hundreds of satisfied customers testify that. Get your free kratom samples or buy kratom powder right away.

If you would like to learn more about kratom legality in other states, please read this post.

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