15+ Kratom Legality Bills to Follow in 2020

Kratom bills 2020

As the number of kratom buyers and supporters is increasing, so is the number of those who oppose the beneficial herb. Hence, the year 2020 has stated with several kratom bills across numerous states. These bills can change the future of kratom as well as its status in the country.

Therefore, if you live in these states and support kratom, it is beneficial for you to know about these kratom bills. This way, you can help kratom activists by spreading positive information about the herb to help keep it legal.

Kratom Bills in 2020

1. A Bill to Ban Kratom in Hawaii

A popular relaxing and sunny travel destination, Hawaii is experiencing its first potential kratom legislation change. That’s because a new bill introduced in late January 2020 intends to criminalize mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the two primary kratom alkaloids. If the bill passes, they will be Schedule V substances.

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2. Illinois Kratom Protection Act

At the moment, kratom is legal in Illinois except for two locations that have decided to ban it. However, a new bill may introduce regulations for kratom manufacture, sales, and distribution in the state.

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3. Scheduling Kratom in Illinois

Kratom supporters who believe in the beneficial properties of kratom are willing to regulate it. Nonetheless, kratom opposition is willing to ban the herb in the entire state. At the moment, kratom is illegal in two Illinois cities, Alton and Jerseyville. So, if you would like to keep kratom legal in Illinois, it’s an excellent time to become a kratom advocate.

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4. Setting an Age Limit for Kratom Sales in Maryland

The state of Maryland is currently reviewing a bill that would prohibit the sales and distribution of kratom products to any individuals under the age of 18. Moreover, any disobedience of these regulations would be punishable by law.

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5. Scheduling Kratom Alkaloids in Maryland

Maryland is another US state that has several kratom bills. While under the one mentioned above would remain legal to anyone over 18, this bill intends to classify kratom alkaloids as a Schedule I drugs. The bill contains a total of 17 substances, and only two of them are natural. These are kratom alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

6. Missouri Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Missouri may be the next state that regulates kratom sales, manufacture, and distribution. The state is currently reviewing the Missouri Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

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7. Missouri Kratom Ban Bill

Similarly to Illinois, Missouri state representatives have differing opinions on kratom. While some are willing to regulate it, others would like to classify it as a Schedule I drug.

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8. Bills to Ban Kratom in Mississippi

Prior attempts to ban kratom in Mississippi did not succeed. Therefore, individual towns and counties in northern Mississippi began targeting kratom one by one. As a result, a total of over 30 municipalities banned kratom.

In 2020, the opposers are pushing forward once again. Not with one, but three kratom bills (this, this, and this) aiming to categorize kratom as a Schedule I drug.

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9. Banning Kratom in New Hampshire

Currently, kratom is legal in most of Hew Hampshire. However, Franklin City decided to ban kratom in the summer of 2019. Now, a new bill intends to ban kratom in the entire state.

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10. Criminalizing Kratom in New Jersey

Ronald Dancer first introduced a bill to ban kratom in 2016. He repeated that multiple times, yet none of his bills succeeded. In 2020, he’s once again filed the bill that aims to schedule kratom.

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11. Bills to Regulate Kratom Sales in New York

Several bills in New York target kratom. Yet, all of them intend to regulate it. New York State is considering banning kratom sales for individuals under 18, under 21, and it’s also reviewing the New York State Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

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12. Ohio Kratom Protection Act

Ohio is another state that is considering regulating kratom. Introduced in 2019, the Ohio Kratom Consumer Protection Act is still in progress.

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13. Oklahoma Kratom Protection Act

Oklahoma also may join the states that regulate kratom. The state is currently reviewing the Oklahoma Kratom Consumer Protection Act which would ensure access to pure kratom products.

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14. Regulating Kratom Products in Oregon

The state of Oregon is also reviewing potential regulation, labeling, and testing of kratom products, as well as prohibitions for individuals under the age of 21 and fines for disobeying the law. These regulations can be very beneficial for Oregon residents since various Oregon-based businesses sold kratom products contaminated with salmonella in 2018.

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15. Decriminalizing and Regulating Kratom in Rhode Island

Rhode Island chose to ban kratom in 2017. Two years later, there was a bill intending to decriminalize kratom, but it did not succeed. A new bill from January 2020, intends to decriminalize kratom and introduce the Rhode Island Kratom Consumer Protection Act instead.

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16. A Bill to Study Kratom in Virginia

Kratom is currently legal in Virginia. Despite this, some legislators are unsure about the properties of kratom. As a result, they are willing to direct the Board of Pharmacy to study whether kratom should be a scheduled substance or not.

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16. Decriminalizing and Regulating Kratom in Vermont

Vermont is one of the six US states that decided to ban kratom. Therefore, since 2016, Vermont residents have not been able to buy kratom. Nevertheless, new legislation may change that. This is because the authorities are currently reviewing a bill that may decriminalize kratom in Vermont.

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What Now?

If you live in these states and would like to ensure that kratom remains legal and proper regulations like the Kratom Consumer Protection Act are in place, you can become a kratom advocate. This doesn’t only mean that you need to be actively campaigning – even small acts such as telling positive things about kratom to your friends and family matter.

If you’d like to learn more information about kratom legality in our country and see a kratom legality map, please refer to this blog post

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