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Kratom Legality: Is Kratom a Controlled Substance?

Is kratom a controlled substance

Due to the increasing popularity of kratom both among the population as well as in the media, many people wonder whether kratom is a controlled substance. Is Kratom a Controlled Substance? In the United States, kratom is not a controlled substance on a federal level. It is legal in most states. Moreover, there is a […]

How to Become a Kratom Advocate and Support Kratom?

Become a kratom advocate

Kratom advocates are the people who continuously spread positive word about kratom and work to ensure that kratom remains legal. On multiple occasions, kratom advocates have made a massive difference by preventing bans from occurring or persuading the authorities to look deeper into kratom and choose a decision that the kratom community would benefit from […]

Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin in 2020?

Is kratom legal in Wisconsin

Cheese isn’t everything there is to Wisconsin. It’s also a state with approximately 15,000 lakes and close to 8,000 rivers and streams. Reading this on a computer with a QWERTY keyboard? You have Wisconsin to that thank for that. It was a Wisconsinite who invented the QWERTY layout. And the blender was the brainchild of another. […]

Is Kratom Legal in Washington D.C. in 2020?

is kratom legal in Washington DC

Washington D.C., or formally called the District of Columbia, isn’t actually one of the 50 states. Washington, the capital city is within the District of Columbia. The District of Columbia is an area between Maryland and Virginia that is not a part of any of the states. The idea behind it was having the capital […]

Is Kratom Legal in Vermont in 2020?

is kratom legal in Vermont

Vermont is the 14th state. Thus, it was the first state to join the nation after the original 13 colonies. Vermont is a forest state and its name means “green mountain” from French. The state holds true to its name. It has a large population of maples and is the largest maple syrup producer in […]

Is Kratom Legal in New Jersey in 2020?

is kratom legal in New Jersey

New Jersey’s most valuable asset may be its people. The state prides itself in having a long list of famous individuals who range from inventors to celebrities. Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Willis, are David Copperfield are only some of the popular names who hail from New Jersey. But where do the people of […]

Is Kratom Legal in Alabama in 2020?

is kratom legal in Alabama

Alabama or “The Heart of Dixie” is where the Civil War started. It’s also the home state of Harper Lee, the author of the American classic To Kill a Mockingbird. While Louisiana is popular for the Mardi Gras Festival, Alabama is the state that introduced it to the western world. So, how does Sweet Home […]

Is Kratom Legal in Indiana in 2020?

is kratom legal in Indiana

Indiana, the home state of Michael Jackson, is dubbed “The Hoosier State” and its people are “Hoosiers”. Curiously, no one knows where the name came from and what Hoosier actually means. Pawnee, Indiana, does not actually exist. Neither does Eagleton. Or Eerie. However, Indiana has a town called Santa Claus. It was originally Santa Fe, […]

Kratom Legality: Is Kratom Legal in Arkansas?

is kratom legal in Arkansas

Arkansas is the home state of Bill Clinton and the first-ever Wal-Mart store. It is also the only state in the United States that has a diamond field. The Crater of Diamonds State Park allows visitors to mine their own diamonds and is the only place in the world that allows visitors to keep them. […]

Is Kratom Legal in Florida in 2020?

is kratom legal in Florida

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, is the fourth largest state by population with slightly over 21 million people. It’s the southernmost state of the US and home to Disney World, the most popular tourist destination in Florida, Key West, the southernmost point of the US, as well as St. Augustine, the oldest continuously […]

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