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Kratom buying tips can help you make informed and wise buying decisions.

There is a lack of regulations in the kratom industry. For the most part, it’s up to kratom vendors to determine what their priorities are.

Not all vendors have the best interests of their buyers in mind. Because of this, sadly, there are plenty of dishonest and fake vendors who are willing to take advantage of the popularity of this herb.

Paired with plenty of misinformation of kratom, this can lead to buyers choosing these vendors. This can not only be potentially harmful to not only buyers but also the reputation and future of kratom.

We aim to provide kratom enthusiasts with the information they need to avoid that. Everyone has the right to receive high-quality, fresh, and potent product. Therefore, we’re sharing kratom buying tips we’ve learned over the years.

How to Use Kratom: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Image of different ways to use kratom

In the world of natural remedies, kratom has been making waves for its numerous potential benefits. Hailing from the lush forests of Southeast Asia, this versatile plant has garnered a dedicated following. Many have discovered it when seeking an alternative to conventional medications for pain management, anxiety relief, and more. If you’ve been curious about […]

Can I Order Kratom Online?

person holding leaf

Do you want to order kratom online but have concerns about having kratom products shipped to your region? You’ve come to the right place. The short answer is yes; kratom is available from online retailers in the United States. Before buying from a trusted online brand, however, it is important to understand certain details about […]

Longest-Lasting Kratom Strains for Greater Quality & Potency

Kratom Mitragyna speciosa tree blossoming flower

All kratom plant varieties have beneficial properties. However, the nature and duration of them are different not only from vein to vein but also from strain to strain. To purchase kratom, most people review the set of properties that each strain has. Yet, in certain instances, one may be interested in acquiring the longest-lasting kratom […]

Most Popular Kratom for Energy & Increased Focus

Best kratom for energy

If your energy is down, but you need to get quite a bit of work done, coffee is not always the best solution. There are plenty of other alternatives available. Depending on what’s making you tired, kratom for energy can be a great option to consider. What Causes Low Energy and Makes You Tired? When […]

The Best Kratom Strain to Increase Productivity

Woman choosing the best kratom strain for productivity

Regardless of whether you study, work, or run your own business, productivity is essential. You will complete your objectives, feel accomplished, and maintain a work-life balance. Many depend and rely on motivation. Yet, it can be an evasive factor, only having a small effect on how much you get done. So, you may be looking […]

Most Effective Kratom for Sleep & Better Rest

People who do not get enough quality rest can benefit from buying krtaom for sleep

Sleep is essential for our well-being and productivity. Unfortunately, many adults in the U.S. aren’t sleeping enough or experience sleep disorders like insomnia that prevent them from getting adequate rest. If you’ve thought of trying kratom for sleep and better quality of rest, some strains can be better than others. In this blog article, let’s […]

Kratom Shelf Life: Does Kratom Ever Expire?

kratom shelf life

Southeast Asia has been aware of kratom for centuries, if not longer. Meanwhile, in the west, we’ve only known of it for a few decades. The popularity of kratom is growing rapidly, but there is still a lot we don’t know as well as plenty of misinformation. Buyers expect their desired kratom strains to be […]

How to Understand Kratom Lab Test Results

kratom lab test results

If you have done some kratom shopping online, you’ve likely come across wording mentioning “kratom lab testing.” Some vendors simply state that their kratom is lab-tested, others also include lab test results on their website or make them accessible via a scannable QR code on the packaging. The American Kratom Association actively lobbies the Kratom […]

The Impact of Covid-19 on Kratom Shipping and Availability

kratom shipping during covid-19

The pandemic has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives. From lengthy lockdowns and mask mandates to restrictions on various activities, by now, you have experienced the effects of the pandemic in multiple ways. If you regularly buy kratom, you’ve likely noticed that kratom shipping and availability have been affected by Covid-19 as well. Your […]

9 Ways to Support Kratom Vendors during the Pandemic

How to support kratom vendors during COVID-19

Many small businesses are suffering throughout the pandemic. Reduced cash flow combined with the need to cover expenses such as rent of commercial property and payroll has caused many businesses to close either temporarily or permanently, and more are expected to suffer. Kratom vendors are not immune to the effects of the pandemic on the economy; […]