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Thai Kratom is a powerhouse of alkaloidal properties with a dark past.

What is Thai Kratom?

It is an alkaloid-denseMitragyna Speciosa’ plant which is originally from Thailand.

Thai Strain History

Since the government of Thailand banned kratom in 1943 for political reasons, Thai strain seeds have spread throughout Southeast Asia.

This was supposed to make Thai strain easily accessible despite the ban.

However, it has made our search a little bit harder due to the fact that the nurturing environment of a Kratom plant affects its leaves.

It can either greatly contribute to its development or inevitably diminish its good features.

Honestly speaking based on our experience, finding a reliable Thai strain farmer has not been easy.

We have coordinated with different farmers, but the Kratom samples we get from them simply do not meet our standards and do not match our expectations.

It was just recently that we have finally found the best premium Thai Kratom plantation.

With a nitrogen-rich soil and an alkaloid-dense leaf we tested from the farm, we are proud to present our newest Thai strain collection.

What Makes Our Thai Strain Shine?

Twenty-five different potent alkaloids makeup the chemical composition of regular Thai powder.

However, with the right environment and proper care, our ultra Thai Kratom develops up to 40 alkaloids.

Some of its chemical compounds are Mitraphylline, Mitragynine, and 7-hydroxmitragynine.

With a full range of these potent properties, our Kratom exemplifies a lasting Kratom.

In fact, when compared to Malay and Bali Kratom, Thai usually lasts longer and brings consistent properties.

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