The Impact of Covid-19 on Kratom Shipping and Availability

kratom shipping during covid-19

The pandemic has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives. From lengthy lockdowns and mask mandates to restrictions on various activities, by now, you have experienced the effects of the pandemic in multiple ways. If you regularly buy kratom, you’ve likely noticed that kratom shipping and availability have been affected by Covid-19 as well.

Your favorite strain may be out of stock for an indefinite time. Restocking may take longer and your orders may not come on time.

While we still ship on the same day and strive to do our best to supply our buyers with the kratom they need, a lot of what’s going on is out of our control. Let’s take a quick look at why we may be short on products and why restocking and shipping can take a long time.

Why Kratom Shipping and Restocking Takes Longer during Covid-19 Pandemic

1. Delays that Impact the Supplier

Kratom farmers and harvesters are the first step in the kratom production line. Approximately 95% of all kratom products come from Indonesia. Therefore, any surges in the number of infections in Indonesia can dramatically impact the entire kratom industry. This can affect kratom shipping and restocking times during Covid-19.

The Indonesian government has mandated mask-wearing and social distancing which impacts workplaces. Since many kratom suppliers are small businesses, restrictions and measures to ensure worker safety can slow down kratom powder production processes, resulting in lower production rates.

2. Import and Export Restrictions and Costs

Due to restrictions, reduced workforce, less frequent traffic, and container shortage, international trade has suffered. Various locations across the world have experienced limitations on imports and exports. In addition to that, import and export costs have increased and so have freight rates and shipping costs.

Combined with reduced production, this can dramatically impact the amount of kratom that farmers are able to export at any given time even if demand remains high.

3. Longer International and Domestic Shipping Times

Online retail has increased during the pandemic to previously unreached heights. This is because buyers limit in-person interactions and shop more frequently online.

However, shipping times are longer than usual due to the increased demand and reduced capacity of post offices and shipping companies. As a result, shipments that used to take days may now require weeks, especially if they are international.

Moreover, there is a lot of unpredictability due to the continuously changing circumstances. It’s not uncommon for shipping times to be unpredictable and for unexpected and lengthy delays to occur.

4.  Vendor Limitations and Delays

If a vendor needs to reduce their workforce and practice social distancing, this can affect how fast the company is able to package their products and process their orders. This can be especially damaging for larger vendors who get a large number of orders.

Vendors who lab-test their products may experience additional delays before they are ready to offer their new inventory for sale. This can be due to the longer domestic shipping times to get their samples to the lab as well as any delays that may affect the lab.

How Can You Avoid Shipping and Restocking Delays

Since kratom shipping, availability, and restocking during Covid-19 can be rather unpredictable throughout the pandemic, it can be beneficial to take certain measures so that you do not run out of kratom at the worst possible moment without a clear idea of when you may receive your new batch. Here’s what you can do:

  • Order long before you run out of your current kratom reserves. It’s a good idea to always have kratom in stock. You can also take advantage of deals and promotions as well as discount bundles that can allow you to save.
  • Try different strains. If your go-to strains are out of stock yet you are in need of a new batch, consider giving other strains a try. If you are unsure of whether you will like them, it can be a good idea to get some kratom samples
  • Don’t open the original packaging until you need it. Oxygen is one of the factors that can lower the freshness and quality of kratom products. Keeping the product in its original vacuum-sealed packaging can prolong kratom shelf-life.
  • Store opened kratom well. Properly storing kratom in dark vacuum containers after you have opened the original packaging can ensure that your kratom retains its freshness and potency for as long as possible. This way, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of kratom without compromising its quality or going without any kratom for an unknown period of time.

Support You Favorite Vendor

We understand that delays in kratom shipping and availability during the Covid-19 pandemic may be unpleasant and negatively affect your quality of life. However, many of the factors that affect how fast the vendor is able to restock are completely out of their control.

Therefore, we urge you to be understanding and not lash out or leave negative reviews for delays that the vendor may not be responsible for.

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