Horned Leaf Kratom

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Horned Leaf Kratom is slowly getting the spotlight away from Maeng Da and you are about to learn why!

What is Horned Leaf Kratom?

This strong strain is getting a lot of attention because its powerful and potent properties that exceed that of a Maeng Da.

One misconception about horned leaves is its usual association with Maeng Da.

We want to clear out that it is not similar to Maeng Da at all. Maeng Da also has a horned leaf variety though.

For starters, horned leaf kratoms are always stronger and more robust than its derivatives.

It always offers something extra.

Why do you think is that?

According to research, the unique structure of the horned leaves allows it to store more alkaloids than regular kratom leaves.

Hence, horned leaf strains are always better in all aspects.

What Makes Horned Leaf Kratom Special?

In this business, it is very easy to mix horned with non-horned leaves and call it the former.

At Kratom, our horned strain powder comes from 100% horned kratom strain.

We have established a good relationship with our farmers. With mutual respect for each other, we value honesty and reliability.

Thus, we assure you that our kratom horn powder is pure.

How to Make Kratom Horn Grind?

Our farmers handpick horned leaves.

Then, they discard all of the veins and stems before drying.

Lastly, they leave the horned leaves to dry on drying trays indoors for a specific duration.

The drying time plays a crucial role in the development and preservation of the alkaloids in the leaves.

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