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Category Archives: Kratom Information Blog

Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin in 2021?

Image of Madison, Wisconsin, with text "Is kratom legal in Wisconsin"

Cheese isn’t everything there is to Wisconsin. It’s also a state with approximately 15,000 lakes and close to 8,000 rivers and streams. Getting work done on a computer with a QWERTY keyboard? You have Wisconsin to thank for that. It was a Wisconsinite who invented the QWERTY layout. And the blender was the brainchild of another. […]

Is Kratom Legal in Illinois in 2021?

A photo of Chicago, Illinois, with text "Is kratom legal in illinois"

The 6th most populous state in the US, Illinois is the birthplace of Ronald Reagan and Robert Wadlow, the tallest man in the world. Chicago, the largest city in Illinois, is nicknamed the Windy City though it isn’t the windiest city in the country. It isn’t even in the top 10. Yet, it has a […]

Is Kratom Legal in Louisiana in 2021?

A photo of New Orleans in Louisiana with text "Is kratom legal in Louisiana"

Louisiana got its name after King Louis XIV of France and means “the Land of Louis”. It’s popular for Mardi Gras and the French Quarter in New Orleans, its largest city. It’s also the birthplace of jazz and another popular Louis – jazz virtuoso Louis Armstrong. Louisiana is the only state in the US that […]

Is Kratom Legal in Oregon in 2021?

Photo or Portland, Oregon, with overlay text "Is kratom legal in Oregon"

Oregon is the 33rd state of the United States. It’s the state with the most ghost towns in the country. It’s also the home of Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the US, and Hell’s Canyon, the deepest river-cut canyon in the nation. It’s also where you can find the largest living organism in the […]

Is Kratom Legal in Georgia in 2021?

A photo of Atlanta, Georgia, with overlay text "is kratom legal in Georgia"

Georgia is the largest state by area to the east of the Mississippi River. Its capital Atlanta is the home of Coca-Cola. It’s also where Martin Luther King was born. The Peach State has 350 species of birds as well as an island named after Blackbeard, the famous pirate. Legend has it that he buried […]

Is Kratom Legal in Maryland in 2021?

Image of Maryland with overlay text "Is kratom legal in Maryland"

Maryland may be a small state, but it has played quite a big role in American history. Its capital Annapolis is the sailing capital of the world. It has also been the capital of the US for a period of time. In colonial times, it was known as the “Athens of America,” where one could […]

Is Kratom Legal in Mississippi in 2021?

Image of Mississippi with overlay text "Is Kratom Legal in Mississippi"

Mississippi State owes its name to the Mississippi River. This state is the birthplace of blues, Elvis Presley, and root beer. Interestingly, the University of Mississippi is where you can find the Marijuana Research Facility. It is the only facility that receives federal funding to grow and research the medical properties of marijuana. You may expect […]

Is Kratom Legal in Tennessee in 2021?

Is kratom legal in Tennessee

The Southeastern state of Tennessee is where famous people like Andrew Johnson, Morgan Freeman, and Justin Timberlake were born. It’s also where Elvis Presley and Martin Luther King died. Tennessee is also the home of Mountain Dew and the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, the most visited national park in the US. If you love country […]

Longest-Lasting Kratom Strains for Greater Quality & Potency

Kratom Mitragyna speciosa tree blossoming flower

All kratom plant varieties have beneficial properties. However, the nature and duration of them are different not only from vein to vein but also from strain to strain. To purchase kratom, most people review the set of properties that each strain has. Yet, in certain instances, one may be interested in acquiring the longest-lasting kratom […]

Most Popular Kratom for Energy & Increased Focus

Best kratom for energy

If your energy is down, but you need to get quite a bit of work done, coffee is not always the best solution. There are plenty of other alternatives available. Depending on what’s making you tired, kratom for energy can be a great option to consider. What Causes Low Energy and Makes You Tired? When […]