Yellow Bali Kratom Review: A Soothing Mellow Strain

Yellow Bali Kratom Review

You’ve likely come across numerous sources stating that there are three main kinds of Bali kratom – red vein, green vein, and white vein. Did they simply leave the fourth one out? If you are looking for an explanation for this kratom mystery, that’s exactly what this Yellow Bali Kratom review is going to provide.

What Is Yellow Bali Kratom?

There are two surprising facts about Yellow Bali. Let’s get on to the first one.

Though you’ll come across sources calling this strain Yellow Vein Bali, they’re not actually correct. Such thing as yellow vein kratom does not actually exist. There are no kratom leaves that have yellow veins and stems.

Are vendors then misleading buyers by stating that they sell all-natural yellow kratom? Not necessarily.

Yellow Bali Kratom is either one of the three main types of Bali kratom or a mix of them which has been dried in a different way. This process alters the alkaloid content and color of the powder resulting in unique Yellow Bali properties and a yellowish tint.

Therefore, a more accurate way of referring to yellows is yellow kratom.

Each farmer has their own signature approach to achieving Yellow Bali. Though rare, some farmers also may ferment it similarly to how the Chinese do it to achieve Pu’er tea. The end result is an all-natural product with different properties.

Ready for the surprising fact #2?

Yellow Bali Kratom doesn’t actually come from Bali. Instead, farmers grow Bali trees and produce Bali kratom on Borneo, a much larger neighboring island. The Indonesian part of Borneo is the largest exporter of kratom in the world and that’s where most of kratom comes from.

However, historically kratom farmers use the Bali port to export kratom to other locations and the name eventually stuck.

Now that you know the secrets of this strain, let’s review Yellow Bali Kratom properties.

The Review of Yellow Bali Properties

The growing popularity of this yellow kratom strain makes it one of the most sought out kratom strains. It has also been one of our top-sellers for quite some time. Let’s see what makes this strain stand out.

1. Elevated Mood

One of the most prominent qualities of Yellow Bali is its mood-boosting aroma. However, don’t expect to become the heart of the party. Instead, you’re more likely to feel happier, more relaxed, and at ease.

2. Mild Pain Relief

While Red Bali is a lot more potent in this regard, Yellow Bali can still provide relief from minor pains and aches that may be preventing you from fully enjoying your day.

3. Relaxation

Yellow Bali may not be the best morning strain, though it can be extremely helpful during the second half of the day or in the evening when you may need to wind down and relax after a long and stressful day at work. In fact, burning it may also help you get to sleep easier.

4. Depression Relief

Yellow Bali creates a warm and positive atmosphere that helps one feel more calm and relaxed. It is also not as energizing as whites which people who experience symptoms of depression and anxiety find to be agitating.

Therefore, this positive and relaxing atmosphere can shift your thoughts to be more positive thus relieving the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.

How Our Buyers Review Our Yellow Bali Kratom

This Yellow Bali Kratom review wouldn’t be the same without showing a glimpse of what our customers think of this strain.

  • “I have liked every strain, however, Yellow Bali is a stand out.”
  • “Originally, I got this stain in as a sample and didn’t think much of it as I have my favorites. I decided to pass it along to my mom who also passed it along to her friend. Let’s just say, you’ve got two new customers! They were pleased and have already ordered more.”
  • “Solid and consistent. Very balanced strain”
  • “Yellow is, if you’ll excuse the rhyme, quite mellow. A perfect mixture of green strain qualities, with a hint of red. I’d suggest this strain to those who might be on the fence between green and red.”
  • “This is a “must have” strain for a rotation. An awesome yellow and a great batch. It took me a long time to try a yellow. Once I did I was bummed that I hadn’t tried it sooner!”

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Ready to go all-in? Buy Yellow Bali kratom now! Make sure to share your thoughts about this yellow kratom by leaving us your Yellow Bali review.

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