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A Bill to Regulate Kratom Introduced in Ohio

Regulate Kratom in Ohio

While kratom is legal in Ohio at the moment, not everyone wants it to remain legal. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy insists that it should be a scheduled substance. As a result, the Ohio state passed a bill that would automatically ban kratom if the DEA does so. Thanks to the support from the kratom […]

Kratom Wisconsin Ban May Be Reversed

Kratom Wisconsin potential ban reversal

Unfortunately for kratom lovers in Wisconsin, the Badger State decided to ban the beneficial herb in 2014. That’s when the State Senate included mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the primary kratom alkaloids in the controlled substances. This made any kratom product including raw leaf kratom powder illegal. A number of petitions and actions aimed to decriminalize kratom; […]

Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin in 2020?

Is kratom legal in Wisconsin

Cheese isn’t everything there is to Wisconsin. It’s also a state with approximately 15,000 lakes and close to 8,000 rivers and streams. Reading this on a computer with a QWERTY keyboard? You have Wisconsin to that thank for that. It was a Wisconsinite who invented the QWERTY layout. And the blender was the brainchild of another. […]

Is Kratom Legal in Colorado in 2020?

is kratom legal in Colorado

Colorado is the state that contains 75% of US land area above 10,000 feet, the longest continuous street, as well as the highest city in the nation. Located right by the base of the Rocky Mountains, the City of Colorado Springs is popular with tourists. It’s an excellent location for those who are looking for […]

Is Kratom Legal in Ohio in 2020?

Is kratom legal in Ohio

Ohio State owes its name to the Ohio River, which means “The Great River” in Seneca, a language of a group of indigenous people in North America. The state flag of Ohio is not a rectangle like the flags of the other states. This makes it the only non-rectangular state flag in the country. Ohio […]

Is Kratom Legal in Oregon in 2020?

is kratom legal in Oregon

Oregon is the 33rd state of the United States and the state with the most ghost towns in the US. It’s also the home of Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the US, Hell’s Canyon, the deepest river-cut canyon in the nation, and the largest living organism in the world. Oregon is also one of […]

Is Kratom Legal in Nevada in 2020?

Is kratom legal in Nevada

Nevada is the state that most know because of gambling and Las Vegas. Yet, it was actually silver that initially attracted people to the state. The discovery of silver in Comstock Lodge in the mid-19th century led to a silver rush. That’s also when the popularity of the state rapidly increased. Nevada is a state […]

Is Kratom Legal in Missouri in 2020?

Is Kratom Legal in Missouri

Missouri, the birth-state of the renowned writer Mark Twain, is named after the Missouri River, the second-longest river in the United States. That, in turn, owes its name to the Missouri Indians. Missouri is a landlocked state that shares borders with eight other states. In fact, Missouri and Tennessee are the states with most neighboring […]

What Is Kratom: Strains, Properties, and Interesting Facts

What Is Kratom

A frequent news buzz, kratom is definitely not short of attention. You may come across lots of conflicting information and wondering what kratom is after all. So, What Exactly Is Kratom? Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragina speciosa, is a tropical plant from the coffee, Rubiaceae, family. It is indigenous to Southeast Asia and thrives in […]

Is Kratom Legal in Arizona in 2020?

is Kratom Legal in Arizona

Arizona is the state you may recognize for the Wave, its stunning sandstone rock formations, and iconic saguaro cacti. That’s because the former is a popular hiking destination. Meanwhile, the Sonoran Desert of Arizona is the only place in America where the latter grow. Saguaro cacti grow very slowly, can live to 150 or 200 […]

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