Red Bali Review: Secrets Behind the Most Popular Kratom Strain

Red Bali Review

Red Vein Bali kratom is the go-to strain of many kratom lovers both new and experienced ones. Therefore, this Red Bali review will break down what makes this one of the favorite kratom strains for so many.

What Is Red Bali Kratom?

Red Vein Bali is a type of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. Though before we review Red Bali, let’s look at an interesting fact.

You likely already know that Bali is a tropical island in Indonesia and a popular destination of many travelers. What you may not know is that this strain does not actually come from Bali.

How come?

Despite the popular belief and its (misleading) name, Red Bali kratom strain actually grows on the Island of Borneo, a much larger island north of Bali. Bali gets a lot more tourism, Borneo is where you’ll find more wildlife. Some tourists even joke that drunken tourists and monkeys are about the wildest things you’ll find in Bali.

What does it mean for kratom?

Borneo offers excellent conditions for kratom trees to thrive. Bali is located right under the equator whereas Borneo is right on it. Therefore, the weather there is always hot and humid. It is also wilder, allowing kratom trees to grow and develop mature kratom leaves.

Borneo is the third largest island in the world. Politically, it belongs to three countries: Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia. Brunei and Malaysia are to the north, and they own 1% and 26% of the island respectively. The remaining 73% belong to Indonesia.

Because of such a large area and optimal growing circumstances, Indonesia dominates the kratom market with 90-95% of all kratom exports to the west.

So, why is this strain called Red Bali?

It’s believed that Bali port was where farmers would come to ship this strain to other locations. Therefore, they named if so to make it more appealing to buyers.

What Makes Red Bali Unique?

We cannot review Red Bali strain without focusing on the attributes that make this the bestseller of all strains.

Bali kratom trees have larger leaves than other strains. They also are more resilient. As a result, Bali trees grow abundantly and form leaves with fully developed alkaloids. Thus, Bali kratom requires fewer leaves and less manpower to yield more powder.

Because of this Red Bali is one of the most abundant as well as affordable kratom strains.

Red Bali Kratom Review

Like most red vein kratom strains, Red Bali has high levels of mitragynine. Therefore, it’s a slow strain. Below are the properties that you can expect from it.

1. Relaxation

Red Bali kratom helps to create a relaxing atmosphere that can help you wind down after a long and stressful day at work.

2. Soothing

Red Bali contains high levels of mitragynine. Thus, burning this strain activates its mitragynine content and helps soothe different kinds of pain. This red has potent soothing properties, which is why we called it Comfort Kraoma.

3. Anxiety Relief

The relaxing and soothing atmosphere after burning Red Bali will help to melt away stress and anxiety you may have accumulated throughout the day.

4. Better Sleep

If you’re struggling with sleep issues, Red Bali may be the right strain for you. With reduced stress, anxiety, and pain, you will be able to fall asleep much easier and faster. This strain has a long duration, thus it can help you stay asleep as well. Thus, you’ll be able to get a good night’s rest and start your day fully refreshed.

5. More Positive Mood

Last but not least, you’ll be able to feel more optimistic and positive. Red Bali will help you to reduce pain, anxiety, and stress, as well as help you to get better rest. Therefore you can expect to see an improvement in your mood after burning this red vein kratom strain too.

How Our Customers Review Out Red Bali

Red Bali is our best-selling strain. Here’s what our customers have to say about it:

  • First time buying and I give the product a thumbs up.
  • I enjoyed this, especially for the night. Very relaxing.
  • My personal favorite, never displeased with this product.
  • It’s certainly as good as the reviews. I can see why Red Bali is popular with other customers.
  • “This is the best red I’ve tried so far. It’s the perfect evening strain.”

Has our review inspired you to give Red Bali a try? We invite you to try our Red Bali free sample if you are completely new to kratom. However, if you already know that Red Bali is your favorite strain, you can buy Red Bali kratom right away. It comes directly from Indonesia, is fresh and lab-tested for purity and quality.

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