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Indo Kratom is a great starter-pack for kratom world newbies who want to buy kratom powder.

What is Indo Kratom?

It is a variety of ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’ tree that has been thriving in Indonesia for thousands of years.

Comparable to other location-based Kratom strains, Indo Kratom also comes in different vein color variants: red, green, and white.

However, unlike the popular red strains and Maeng Da strains, Indo strains are a bit more on the mild and relaxed side.

This is mainly because of the significantly high amounts of a certain chemical in its genetic makeup.

If we look closer, the compound 7-OH-mitragynine is abundant on Indo strains.

This alkaloidal property is responsible for making Indo a slow strain.

Aside from that, Indo strain contains lesser mitragynine.

As a result, this strain contains less overwhelming properties making it more ideal of newcomers in the kratom-verse.

What Makes Our Indo Kratom Special?

For the last five years, we have been establishing a good relationship with a family of Kratom farmers in Indonesia.

Their Kratom plantation is located in an ideal place where the trees experience a good climactic condition all year.

The weather is always conducive with good rotations between rainfalls and sunshine.

Additionally, the hillside location of the plant is always humid due to its proximity to a river.

The completeness of plant requirements in this farm allows our Indo strain plants to develop up to twenty-five alkaloidal compounds.

Our Indo strain leaves are also able to develop organic phytochemicals.

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If you are new and you want to learn slowly, try our Indo Kratom today!

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