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Why us?

Quality Is Never an Accident

Do you ever buy kratom that seems to be hit or miss?

We make sure that our kratom is consistently fresh and high-quality.

We cut out the middleman and build close relationships with our kratom farmers.

This gives us the most control over the quality and consistency of our product. It also ensures that you get the highest quality fresh kratom for a reasonable price.

We tested kratom from more than 40 farmers in Southeast Asia. Only four could provide us with clean, mitragynine-rich, fresh kratom on a consistent, reliable basis.

Check out our reviews to see what our customers say about our kratom powder.

Service You Can Count On

Have you ever waited 5 days, or even longer, after you buy kratom online for it to arrive?

Have you ever waited for days to get a response to your queries?

Others will respond in 24-48 hours and have your order delivered in 5-7 days.

Not us.

We’re best known for our lightning-fast service. From Mondays to Saturdays, we respond to most emails within 12 hours or less.

99% of orders ship same day and are delivered within 1-4 business days.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Were you ever left stranded with kratom you didn’t order?

Have you ever ordered something online, and never received it?

We understand mistakes and uncontrollable things can happen. But we do our best to ensure that your order reaches you and that it does so on time.

If you buy kratom online form us and, for any reason, something isn’t right with your order, we’ll do everything in our power to fix it.

To us, you’re more than a customer. You’re a friend.